Over 700 People Tell DPA Microphones A Story Posted: 21/11/2016
From recording the sound of Antarctic wind and saving a Gibson True Vintage guitar, to making movie magic in Hollywood and capturing the sound of termites at dawn in Africa these were just some of the 700 plus stories received by DPA Microphones in response to its recent Tell Us Your Story competition.
Tags: DPA Microphones | Competition Winners | Tell Us Your Story | Philip Samartzis | Antarctica
Submitted by White Noise Public Relations Ltd
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Tested Uses Micro Cinema Cameras to Shoot Arctic Circle Expedition Posted: 18/11/2016

Blackmagic Design has announced that DP and lead producer Joey Fameli used several Micro Cinema Cameras to shoot a recent Arctic Circle expedition. Fameli also uses the Micro Cinema Cameras, along with Pocket Cinema Cameras, Studio Cameras and DaVinci Resolve Studio, to shoot and grade content for Tested, which is a website dedicated to covering anything thats awesome in science, exploration, nature, emerging technology, consumer technology and more. 

Tags: Blackmagic Design | Joey Fameli | Arctic | Expedition | Micro Cinema Camera | Camera | DaVinci Resolve Studio | Pocket Cinema Camera | Studio Camera | DaVinci Resolve
Submitted by Blackmagic design
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Red TX Help Capture This Years Barclaycard Mercury Prize Posted: 07/11/2013

Broadcast audio specialist Red TX provided the technical facilities to capture the audio at this year's Barclaycard Mercury Prize, which took place at London's Roundhouse on October 30th.

Hosted by Lauren Laverne, this year's Awards Show featured live performances by many of the 2013 shortlisted artists including Arctic Monkeys, Laura Mvula, Jake Bugg, Rudimental and overall winner James Blake.

Tags: Red TX | Barclaycard Mercury Prize 2013 | James Blake | Roundhouse | Hospital Club | Arctic Monkeys | BVE North 2013 | BVE North 2013
Submitted by White Noise Public Relations Ltd
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The Sachtler FSB 6 between Penguins, Snow and Eternal Ice Posted: 19/06/2013
The mainland is a white desert of snow, surrounded by a clashing cold ocean, and scarcely populated. Only the animals and few plants are accustomed to the difficult living conditions. This is the Antarctic. DP Alessandro Beltrame from Italy left his warm southern European homeland for two documentaries for The Antarctica Project, a cooperative project of the Italian government and the private broadcaster Mediaset. With scientists of the national research centers CNR, ENEA, and PNRA as well as the FSB 6/2 D tripod system by Sachtler, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, he spent a month at the South Pole with merciless temperatures dropping to -50° C (58 F), a real test for the crew and the equipment.
Tags: Sachtler | Vitec Videocom | Vitec Group | Alessandro Beltrame | The Antarctica Project | CNR | ENEA | PNRA | FSB 6/2 D | tripod system | tripod | tripod head | fluid head | -50° C | ice | sno | robust | lightweight | FSB series | FSB 6 | resistant | robust | horizontal | vertical | drag | ENG 75/2 D | ENG 75 | 5.3 kg | easy transport | 84 cm | compact | Snap & Go mechanism | camera configuration | counterbalance | 120 mm | sliding range | 10-step | Speedbalance | technology | 1.5 to 8 kg
Submitted by Sommer Kommunikation
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Sir Ranulph Fiennes groundbreaking expedition to traverse the Antarctic in winter will see man and machine pitched against the most hostile conditions on Earth. Conducted in almost total darkness and with temperatures routinely dipping below -70°C, this is one adventure for which only the best of breed need apply.

Tags: Panasonic | AG-HPX250 | Coldest Journey | Ranulph Fiennes | Antarctic | BVE London 2013 | BVE London 2013
Submitted by Panasonic
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Polecam Systems supplies rig to Sir Ranulph Fiennes Coldest Journey Antarctic Expedition Posted: 17/12/2012

Polecam systems delivered a Polecam rig to Sir Ranulph Fiennes and his expedition members on board the research ship 'SA Agulhas ' at its River Thames mooring in London recently before it left on the first leg of its journey to Antarctica.

Tags: Polecam | Ranulph Fiennes | Antarctic | expedition | coldest journey | Steffan Hewitt | Stephen Rutherford | starter pack | Polecam Systems | Antarctica | Polecam Long Head | Polar Challenge | Seeing is Believing | Captain Scott | DSLR | BlackMagic Cinema camera | 7th Heaven
Submitted by Stylus Media Consultants
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Cold Case Review Posted: 26/01/2012


Vital camera gear was safely transported in Peli cases by the crew filming what must be the most extreme sporting event of 2011 the Antarctic Ice Marathon.


The Antarctic Ice Marathon is the southernmost marathon on earth, just a few hundred miles from the South Pole and is a unique opportunity for athletes to complete a formidable and challenging marathon.

Tags: Peli | case | antarctic | peli case | protection | camera protection | pelican case | equipment case | equipment protection | antarctic marathon | waterproof case | crushproof protection
Submitted by Peli Products (UK) Ltd
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OConnor Supports To The Arctic 3D for MacGillivray Freeman Films Posted: 19/11/2009
Climate change is a big subject these days and who better to set the record straight than MacGillivray Freeman Films, one of the most well-known big form production companies? Together, the MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation, Campion Foundation, the Canadian Museum of Civilization and Oceana, champions of ocean conservation, document the changes occurring in the Arctic. To the Arctic is the seventh project in the MacGillivray Freeman Films ocean-and-water-themed films that promote conservation of the natural world.
Tags: imax | 3d | arctic | MacGillivray | Freeman | 15/70mm | oconnor
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