New Panavision Millennium DXL2 Camera Debuts at BSC Expo Posted: 02/02/2018

Panavision (Stand 502) is introducing the new Millennium DXL2 8K camera here at BSC Expo 2018, running Feb. 2-3 at Battersea Evolution. The large-format camera is the heart of a complete imaging ecosystem designed from filmmakers’ perspectives, seamlessly incorporating Panavision’s unmatched optics and camera architecture, the RED MONSTRO 8K VV sensor, and Light Iron color2 science (LiColor2). The DXL2 builds on the success of the Millennium DXL and benefits from Panavision’s unique and storied partnership with cinematographers, whose real-world experience and input are manifested in the DXL2’s many significant advances.

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RED Digital Cinema® is showcasing its latest sensor technology, MONSTRO 8K VV, on Stand 426 at the BSC Expo, running Feb. 2-3 at the Battersea Evolution. MONSTRO is an evolutionary step in large-format sensor technology with improvements in image quality including dynamic range and shadow detail. The new cinematic, full-frame WEAPON® camera with the MONSTRO™ 8K VV sensor that launched in October 2017 is now available for purchase.

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Aaton Digital unveils new Cantar Mini digital portable sound recorder at BSC Expo 2017 Posted: 24/01/2017

Aaton Digital will unveil its new Cantar Mini 16 track digital portable mixer-sound recorder at BSC Expo 2017 in London.

The Cantar Mini is based on the renowned CantarX3, winner of many awards and now widely recognised by the sound community as the ultimate digital 24 track location sound recorder, with many delivered and in daily use worldwide. 

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Transvideo to launch new StarliteRF-a wireless monitor with ARRI camera control at Paris AFC Micro Salon, then at BSC Expo 2017 Posted: 23/01/2017

Thanks to the worldwide success of the StarliteHD-5 ARRI, which interfaces to and controls the ARRI Alexa-Mini and AMIRA cameras, Transvideo now launches the StarliteRF-a, a wireless monitor-recorder with advanced camera control capabilities.

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Mo-Sys launch StarTracker - hands off camera tracking system for green screen production at BSC Expo 2017 Posted: 23/01/2017

Mo-Sys Engineering, designer and manufacturer of innovative camera technology products for the film and broadcast industries will launch StarTracker hands off camera tracking system for green screen production at BSC Expo 2017

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Tiffen International to launch new generation NAT Neutral Density optical filters at BSC Expo 2017 Posted: 16/01/2017

Tiffen International will launch a new product line at BSC Expo 2017, Tiffen NATural Neutral Density Filters. Memorializing the groundbreaking achievements made by Tiffens founder, Nat Tiffen. The Tiffen NATural Neutral Density Filter line provides game changing improvements on neutral density filtration, with perfect neutrality across the visual and IR spectrum resulting in natural skintones and outstanding colour fidelity. Manufactured in the USA utilizing the patented Tiffen Color Core¢ process these glass filters represent a new generation of ND and IRND filtration.

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KFX Technology debuts high end motorised slider with Ronford Baker at BSC Expo 2016 Posted: 21/01/2016

KFX Technology will launch their new high end motorised slider at the BSC Expo 2016 on the Ronford Baker stand, #209.

KFX Technology was chosen by Ronford Baker to collaborate on motorising their well known sliders after impressing them with the high quality engineering of the KFX Aurora Remote Head. The Aurora head is precision engineered, easy and intuitive to use, with more than enough power for the most demanding applications, and already has an established success and reputation in the movie industry worldwide.

Tags: KFX | KFX Technology | Ronford Baker | BSC Expo | Aurora remote head | slider | motorised slider | Steve Scammell | remote head | movie industry | Hollywood
Submitted by Steve Scammell, KFX Technology, New York, USA
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Tiffen International shows off the best Steadicam rig ever - see the new M-1 at BSC Expo 2016 Posted: 08/01/2016
Tiffen International will attend BSC Expo 2016 and give Steadicam operators, and those who want to be, a chance to see the outstanding new top of the range M-1 rig which is being hailed as the best ever by an increasing number of new owners.

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Transvideo and Aaton Digital bring new products and new technologies to BSC Expo 2016 Posted: 06/01/2016
Sister companies Transvideo and Aaton Digital will present their line-up of new products and new technologies at BSC Expo 2016.

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Miller Fluid Heads (Europe) Ltd. to Exhibit Latest Cinematography Solutions at BSC Expo 2016 Posted: 17/12/2015

Miller Fluid Heads (Europe) Ltd., a leader in the production of innovating camera support solutions, will be showcasing its latest cinematography solutions, including the Cineline 2090 Tripod System as well as the the Arrow Series of fluid heads, at the BSC Expo 2016 (booth 203)

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