Popular K-Tek Stingray Gizmo Bag Now Available in 3 Sizes: Transparent Bottoms Give Clear View of Contents Posted: 14/12/2016

K-Tek, makers of microphone boom poles, mounts, and the popular Stingray audio harness and mixer bags, introduces the Gizmo Bag Set. In small, medium and large, these multi-purpose bags provide compact organization of cables, adapters, wireless audio transmitters, batteries, lavaliere accessories, tape rolls, and more. With clear, see- through bottoms, users enjoy quick, visible identification of contents. Ideal for the Sound Utility, Gizmo Bags are useful for many other on-set tasks, as well.

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Submitted by Lewis Communications
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Oyster: an open and shut case: IBC 2012 launch Posted: 17/08/2012

Ianiro International IBC 2012, Stand 11.A51: Oyster Cases is bringing something distinctly new to the world of kit transit, carrying and protection with its innovative system that combines hardened case, padded bag and rucksack in one package.

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Submitted by Seth Net
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