NewTek LivePanel and cent; Advances IP Workflows with Browser-Based Remote User Interfaces Posted: 11/09/2017

NewTek introduced today NewTek LivePanel¢, a fully customizable browser-based control system that is now included with NewTek IP Series multi-camera production systems and optionally available for TriCaster TC1. Accessible from smart-phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop devices wired or wireless NewTek LivePanel allows users to access their own customized video workflows from any web browser on the same network. Users can also preview and monitor videos of any video source within the browser for immediate visual feedback. Even casual users can design and drive complex productions with a few button pushes, providing a level of quality and consistency rivaling seasoned professionals. LivePanel also expands the number of operator positions available for TriCaster TC1 and IP Series systems in larger-scale production environments including on-the-fly scoreboard control to provide instant score updates and stats from virtually anywhere in a venue.

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Forscene set to redefine collaborative editing in 2016 Posted: 19/01/2016

Forbidden predicted today that their professional video editing software, Forscene, will redefine collaborative editing in 2016 by enabling new post-production workflows.  The company will kick off a campaign aimed at highlighting the benefits of browser based editing with an expanded presence at the first major industry exhibition of the year - BVE 2016.  

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Submitted by Forscene
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