Crypto-ransomware not a threat with Marquis Broadcast Workspace Backup Posted: 07/05/2019
Crypto-ransomware not a threat with Marquis Broadcast Workspace Backup

With the rise in crypto-ransomware attacks in recent years, companies need to make certain they run scheduled backups of their data, in order to keep both media project data and critical business operations safe. However, when infected by crypto-ransomware, the backups themselves can also become infected, which often renders the whole backup strategy useless. Luckily, Marquis Broadcast’s Workspace Backup system avoids this problem. It analyses and copies Avid workspaces and projects to Tier 2 storage and the cloud and will never backup any media that has become encrypted, ensuring valuable media files remain intact.

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Imagine Communications Ensures Business Continuity at Sharjah Broadcasting Authority with New Disaster Recovery Centre Posted: 02/05/2019
Imagine Communications Ensures Business Continuity at Sharjah Broadcasting Authority with New Disaster Recovery Centre

Imagine Communications has implemented a disaster recovery solution for Sharjah Broadcasting Authority (SBA, formerly known as Sharjah Media Corporation) at its backup center in Al Thaid, UAE, using software-defined technology in a primarily IP-connected environment. The hybrid disaster recovery site will provide full cover for SBA’s four television channels, which are delivered by a primary playout system also implemented by Imagine.

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Dalet Announces Essential Business Continuity Solutions Posted: 18/04/2017
Dalet Announces Essential Business Continuity Solutions

Dalet, a leading provider of solutions and services for broadcasters and content professionals, will introduce at the NAB 2017 exhibition (booth SL6210) a new line of solutions for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, designed to enable existing Dalet customers to continue their operations in the event of planned maintenance or disaster. The Dalet Business Continuity solution can be available within minutes, providing access to an independent back-up production system, hosting selected content from their primary Dalet platform. Though disasters and cyber attacks are a fact of life for any media organization and are particularly acute in broadcast, the majority of our customers doesnt have a clear plan to address this, states Kevin Savina, director of product strategy, Dalet. For decades, conventional DR site architectures have been centered on the physical duplication of infrastructures, making it a costly option. The new line of solutions leverage recent features of the Dalet Galaxy platform to manage smart replication of assets and processes across sites, as well as the provisioning and automation of dynamic infrastructures on one hand, and the flexibility and elasticity of public clouds and virtual infrastructures on the other hand. The combination of those technology enhancements redefines completely the economics of a Business Continuity plan for our customers.

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