Zixi, the industry leader for enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over all-IP, and award winning architect of the Software Defined Video Platform (SDVP), today announced that January 7th through the 9th at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show the company will be featuring with Version 13 extensive new functionalities from the four elements that enable the broadcaster video network to be intelligently and centrally managed using software and integrated devices regardless of the underlying IP network infrastructure including the preeminent Zixi Protocol and 14 supported protocols, the Zixi Video Solutions Stack, Zixi ZEN Master, and the Zixi Enabled Network.







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Fincons Group to present innovative platform to accelerate Next Gen TV roll-out at CES 2020 Posted: 06/01/2020
Fincons Group to present innovative platform to accelerate Next Gen TV roll-out at CES 2020

Fincons Group, a leading IT business consultancy, will be presenting its new Smart Digital Platform (SDP) designed to accelerate Next Gen TV roll-out for media and broadcast businesses at CES this January.

The SDP introduces a revolutionary publishing tool that redefines application development as it enables automatic generation of applications, thus accelerating Hybrid TV and OTT service delivery. The framework distributes functionalities in logical “SMART” modules that form the basis for Hybrid TV solutions. It enables Broadcaster Apps to have advanced monetization models through Addressable Advertising, provides contextual information through a Now/Next and Channel dashboard and encourages greater viewer engagement via an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), video on demand sections and catch-up content. Fincons’ SDP uniquely also features full automation of the Hybrid TV asset preparation chain. It is the first platform that is entirely compatible with both European HbbTV and new US ATSC 3.0 standards, a feature that derives from the company’s unique pioneering role in the development of both standards.

At CES broadcasters will be able to see the platform in action in deployed, live applications that leverage the TV personalization potential of AI.




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Broadpeak at CES 2020 Posted: 16/12/2019
Broadpeak at CES 2020



Today, quality is a critical success factor for video streaming services. Consumers want to watch video in the highest resolutions, with the lowest latency, on every screen. To deliver an amazing quality of experience (QoE) anywhere on any device, content providers and pay-TV operators need innovative content delivery solutions.

At CES 2020, Broadpeak® will showcase its groundbreaking solutions that provide the best video QoE through improved delivery within the operator's network, as well as inside the home network.  Demos will include:

• Gaining control over streaming quality: Broadpeak will give a sneak peak of its new solution that improves the quality of video streaming on any ABR screen — independently from the player. The solution can be used to reduce latency on live streams, deliver higher bit-rates for on-demand content and reduce video quality changes when networking conditions vary.

• Optimizing Wi-Fi: At CES 2020, Broadpeak will launch its new Wi-Fi Optimizer, which prioritizes video delivery over the other traffic in the home (e.g., video streaming vs. downloading a file), assuring optimum quality for consumers.



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