Aaton-Transvideo provide great networking experience for film students and show latest products at Camerimage 2017 Posted: 16/10/2017

Sister companies Aaton-Digital and Transvideo will be exhibiting their latest products at the forthcoming Camerimage Film Festival 2017 in Bydgoszcz, Poland and will sponsor twelve students from French film schools, six from La Cin©Fabrique in Lyon and six from ENS Louis Lumire in Paris.

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Responding to the demands of cinematographers & lighting professionals worldwide, Tiffen has launched its new Variable Viewing Filter (VVF), incorporating Tiffens award-winning Variable ND filter, offering indexed 2-8 stops and with the unique ability to easily add any 49mm ring filter from their vast range.

Tags: Tiffen | VVF | Variable Viewing Filter | cinematographers | lighting | lighting professionals | Gaffers | DoPs | variable ND filter | Camerimage | Eren Ibrahim | ARRIv Rental | Panavision
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Panavision to Showcase Millennium DXL Camera and T Series Lenses at Camerimage Posted: 02/11/2016

Panavision, the motion picture industry's most respected designer, manufacturer and provider of state-of-the-art cinema lenses and high-precision camera systems, will showcase many of its newest offerings, including the Millennium DXL 8K Camera and T Series anamorphic lenses at the 2016 edition of the Camerimage International Film Festival, which runs Nov. 12-19 in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Panavision is also presenting two workshops, and exhibiting alongside subsidiaries Light Iron, LEE Filters and Panalux.

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Transvideo will be exhibiting at the forthcoming Camerimage International Film Festival 2016 in Bydgoszcz, Poland. CEO Jacques Delacoux and his team will be there to greet old friends and new. All the latest must-see Transvideo products will be on show including the monitor-recorders StarliteHD ARRI, the new Stargate-HDR, and the StarliteRF, together with the TitanHD2 video Tx/Rx products.  

Tags: Transvideo | Camerimage | Camerimage2016 | Film Festival | monitors | monitor-recorders | StarliteHD | Starlite ARRI | StraliteRF | Titan2HD | wireless monitor | film students | Jacques Delacoux | StargateHHDR | K5600 Europe | La Cinefabrique | Cinec Award | ARRI
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Garrett Brown packs them in with his Moving Image seminar and meets up with M-1 Max Posted: 30/11/2015

Garrett Brown, inventor of the Oscar-winning Steadicam® camera stabiliser, packed them in when he gave his Moving Image presentation at the recent Camerimage Festival in Bydgoszcz, Poland. I was worried about getting an audience since the Muhammad screening started halfway through my talk, but it was packed, with traffic-stopping jams around monitors in the corridors and lounges too. Amazing - it went very well says Garrett.

Tags: Camerimage | Garrett Brown | Max Zaher | Tiffen | Steadicam | M-1
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Codex ( has issued congratulations to the multiple award-winning cinematographers whose digital features, photographed using Codex recording platforms, won in competition at the 2013 Camerimage Festival of Cinematography. Six movies, with budgets ranging from $1m to $100m, screened at the festival with the cinematographers reporting significant on-screen gains having used Codex at the heart of their production workflows.

Tags: Codex | Codex Digital | Camerimage | Vault | Codex Vault | recorder | recorders
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OConnors 2575D supports a hectic schedule for Til Schweigers Films Kokowh 2 and Schutzengel Posted: 12/06/2013
Australian DP Adrian Cranage lived through some eventful months in 2012. Together with actor and director Til Schweiger, the DP made two films back to back: Schutzengel and Kokowh 2. Adrian Cranage used his 2575D fluid head by OConnor, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, to contribute to the successful films. "Without my well-coordinated team and OConnor, our project would not have been possible," says the experienced cinematographer.
Tags: OConnor | Vitec Videocom | Vitec Group | Adrian Cranage | Til Schweiger | Schutzengel | Kokowh | 2575 D | fluid head | tripod head | digitally | digital shoot | ARRI Alexas | Canon EOS | 7Ds | GoPros | sinaCam | fingercam | Phantom | helicopter | RED | Panavision Frontbox | pan-and-tilt damping | easy balancing | sinusoidal counterbalance | Holly Fink | digital production | ARRI Webgate | Warner Brothers | Camerimage Festival | 16:9
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