Quantum Releases Purpose-Built 4K Video Reference Architectures to Deliver Industry-Best 4K Stream Counts and Performance Posted: 23/03/2017
Quantum Corp have announced purpose-built 4K video reference architectures that leverage the company's StorNext®-powered, disk- and flash-based workflow storage systems to maximize 4K stream counts and optimize performance levels in accordance with users' specific needs. Based on exhaustive testing with real-world metrics, the new reference architectures reinforce Quantum's long-standing position as the performance leader in media workflows and empower media facilities to make better-informed investments in 4K storage infrastructure.
Tags: Quantum | 4K video | StorNext | reference architecture | Flash | Xcellis | StorNext Base 4K | StorNext High Capacity 4K | StorNext All Flash 4K | StorNext Performance Disk 4K | Dave Frederick | Nick Gold
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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Symply Introduces Powerful RAID Storage for Professional Media Workflows Posted: 15/12/2016
Symply Inc., a global provider of high-performance digital storage solutions, announced today that it is now shipping SymplyRAID, a high-performance, high-throughput RAID storage system with low latency and massive capacity for large-scale media workflows.
Tags: Symply | RAID Storage | Professional Media Workflows | latency | capacity | solution | 4K | Alex Grossman
Submitted by 202 Communications
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New Stardom high capacity compact storage Posted: 13/12/2013

Stardom have recently introduced a new large capacity compact storage enclosure. Coming in at half the size of similar-level rack products, it is still able to maintain the same storage capacity.

Tags: Stardom | Polar Graphics | high capacity compact storage | DT8-U5
Submitted by Polar Graphics Ltd
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OConnor O-Grips Help Koretz Get Non-Traditional Shots for Lincoln Motor Cars Short Posted: 06/08/2013
Cinematographer Eric Koretz and Director Elliot Rausch recently undertook an unusual assignment. By creating a Lincoln Motor Cars short titled Get Back, they became one of the four teams to capture the first content officially sponsored by Vimeo. With a short shooting schedule and non-actor subjects, Koretz chose to film with the RED Epic, Zeiss Super speed lenses and support it with an Easyrig equipped with O-Grips by OConnor, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company.
Tags: OConnor | Vitec Videocom | Vitec Group | Eric Koretz | Elliot Rausch | Lincoln Motor Cars | Get Back | Vimeo | RED Epoc | Zeiss Super speed lenses | support | Easyrig | O-Grips | adjustable | handy | documentary style | quick | Handgrip | single-handle | ball | high load capacity | stackable | rod system | baseplatze | locking knobs | hand held | setup
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More Outputs for Camera Accessories Posted: 12/11/2012

PAG has introduced a new device for powering camera accessories from its PAGlink system of intelligent, high-power, linking batteries.

Tags: PAG | PAGlink | batteries | linking | power | vlock | vmount | vlok | dtap | cinema | broadcast | camera | accessories | transmission | light | monitor | load | current | capacity
Submitted by PAG (UK) Ltd
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FOR-A Unveils LTO-5 High-Capacity, Tape-Based Video Storage Appliance at NAB 2012 Posted: 02/04/2012
Building on its successful line of LTO-5 video archiving recorders, FOR-A will introduce the LTS-50 storage appliance at the 2012 NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 16-19 (Booth C5219). Using a network connection, it archives media files to LTO-5 high-capacity tape, regardless of file format.
Tags: FOR-A | NAB | archiving | video archiving | LTO-5 | LTS-50 | high capacity tape | NAB 2012 | NAB 2012
Submitted by Pipeline Communications
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SIS LIVE expand their presence in the Middle East market with the sale of Tr-uPod systems to Sky News Arabia Posted: 06/02/2012

Outside broadcast, uplink and product design specialist SIS LIVE today announce sales of their in-house designed and built product range into the Middle East Market.

After a competitive tender process, SIS LIVE were selected by Sky News Arabia (SNA) to supply multiple flyaway systems and ongoing technical support for key parts of their contribution services across the Middle East and North Africa. They have also been selected to provide additional remote control fixed links in key regional bureau locations, including a 1.2m Tr-uPod®.

Tags: sis live | outside broadcasts | uplink | satellite capacity | sky news arabia | middle east | MENA | flyaway systems
Submitted by SIS LIVE
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PAG is now shipping its L190e Super High-Capacity Battery for HD Set-ups Posted: 21/04/2011
PAG is a long established innovator of high-quality Li-Ion batteries to the broadcast and professional video industries.


The latest high-definition cameras place greater demands on portable power sources. For this reason PAG has introduced a new high-capacity Li-Ion battery that supplies 10A, continuously. The PAG L190e is a 14.8V 13Ah battery that provides 190 watt-hours of power. With twice the run-time of the PAG L95e, fewer batteries are required on location and there is less down-time due to charging.

Tags: PAG | L190e | HD | high-definition | Red One | Li-Ion | battery | digital cinematography | video production | V-Mount | PAGlok | power | charger | Sony | high-capacity | 10A | camera | run-time | current
Submitted by PAG (UK) Ltd
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