Clear-Coms LQ series harnesses IP to make new communication connections Posted: 31/07/2017

Clear-Com®, the leader in wired, wireless and IP communication solutions, will present the latest updates to its LQ Series of IP interfaces at IBC 2017. The enhanced LQ Series adds SIP capability for telephony, connects traditional intercom systems with Agent-IC mobile applications, and increases I/O channel density for HelixNet digital partyline. With LQ Interfaces, a complete communication solution of analogue, digital and IP intercom systems is fully integrated and connected over reliable IP networks, for communication from virtually anywhere.

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Chinas Han Show uses Clear-Com intercoms to co-ordinate death -defying performances. Posted: 29/06/2016

Wuhan Wanda Dragone Entertainment Co. Ltd., co-owned by Chinas Beijing Wanda Cultural Industry Group and The Dragone Group, has selected Clear-Com® wired and wireless intercom systems to control the live production of The Han Show, which takes place in Wuhans Red Lantern Theatre in China. This massive extravaganza is so big that it requires an astounding 632 intercom positions to manage it all, making it Clear-Coms largest live performance installation in China to date.

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