GB Labs to introduce fully traceable analytics and single-step MHL support Posted: 16/03/2020
GB Labs to introduce fully traceable analytics and single-step MHL support

GB Labs, the leader in intelligent storage solutions, has announced that the latest version of its Analytics Centre, a dashboard that runs seamlessly in GB Labs’ SPACE, ECHO, and VAULT intelligent storage devices, will now include full access traceability.

Of interest to everyone that requires storage, Analytics Centre continuously analyses how data handled by the storage system is being used. The display provides a highly accurate and easy-to-interpret look at crucial network and storage usage, including real-time speed and data consumption. With full traceability, file access history is logged giving a complete picture of data usage.

GB Labs CEO-CTO Dominic Harland said, “Analytics Centre gives GB Labs users the visibility they need to ensure their workflow is fully optimised at all times. It takes all the time-consuming, and often incorrect, guesswork out of blindly shopping for storage in hopes that it will improve a workflow.

“Analytics Centre automates the system analysis process with carefully designed algorithms that identify not just potential problems, but precisely where to find and fix them. Moreover, it now includes a significantly updated interface that includes full data logging and full, detailed tracking capabilities that we’re excited to demonstrate for the first time.”

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