Atomos Acquisition of Timecode Systems Makes Effortless Collaborative Filmmaking an On-Set Reality Posted: 29/10/2019
Atomos Acquisition of Timecode Systems Makes Effortless Collaborative Filmmaking an On-Set Reality

Timecode Systems today announces an exciting new chapter for the company as part of Atomos. Together, the companies are building tightly integrated multicamera workflow solutions that unify all recording devices on set, allowing these devices to work together more cohesively. This allows production teams to experience, for the first time, the full impact of truly collaborative video and audio content creation across all types of program making.

With demand for video bigger than ever, content creators are using more separate devices to add angles and be creative. But they are limited by the time it takes to edit, align, and finish videos that combine multiple sources of video and audio, especially when using prosumer and consumer devices to film alongside professional cameras.

Jeromy Young, CEO and founder of Atomos said:
"Right now, this disconnect between recording devices is holding back multicamera content creation. To truly shoot collaboratively, everything needs to work in perfect, frame-accurate sync — there has to be a robust wireless connection. The Timecode Systems RF protocol is this bulletproof link. Working together, we now have the glue to create a truly connected multicamera solution."

Timecode Systems, a world leader in developing wireless sync technology, burst onto the market in 2012, receiving a prestigious IABM award for innovation before even shipping its first product. The company launched the first-ever Wi-Fi-enabled digislate, created the only timecode sync solution for GoPro® cameras, and pioneered and patented a timecode-over-Bluetooth® timing protocol. The acquisition positions Timecode Systems and Atomos to accelerate this appetite for innovation further and transform content-creation workflows.

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