Universal Electronics Inc. (NASDAQ:UEIC), the worldwide leader in universal control and sensing technologies for the smart home, has announced that Comcast is the first service provider to deploy QuickSet Cloud¢.

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Vimond Takes a Bite from the Big Apple Posted: 25/01/2016


Vimond Media Solutions has opened a new regional office in New York city to support its growing business in North America. Overseeing this endeavour are Vimond's CEO, Helge Hibraaten, and CTO, Glenn Pedersen, both now based in New York.

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CreaTV Chooses Tightrope Media Systems for Online Video Distribution Posted: 03/06/2015

CreaTV San Jose, the community access provider serving San Jose, California, has chosen the Cablecast Reflect online video distribution service from Tightrope Media Systems (TRMS) to distribute select CreaTV programmingas live or video-on-demand streamsin high-definition. The Reflect solution integrates tightly with the central on-site Cablecast server to conserve bandwidth while still allowing the community to view all of the networks programming.

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Suburban Community Channels Serves Local Viewers with Tightrope Media Systems Posted: 10/07/2014

Many Community TV broadcasters across the United States rely on Tightrope Media Systems to simplify multichannel scheduling and playout, but one Minneapolis-area broadcaster is leveraging the full Tightrope portfolio to establish meaningful community connections beyond master control.

Suburban Community Channels has been the Community TV and media resource connection for the northeast Minneapolis/St. Paul suburbs for more than 30 years, delivering 17 physical channels from its facility.  As the local cable franchise authority for Comcast, the PEG broadcaster delivers eight channels of programming across 12 municipalities, including discrete government channels for each community.  Suburban Community Channels populates its remaining channels with a variety of imported and locally produced content, the latter of which includes live broadcasts of high school sports. 

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Leading 24x7 Sports Networks Win Big With Volicon Observer(R) Enterprise Digital Video Monitoring and Logging System Posted: 31/10/2011

Volicon today announced that its Observer(R) Enterprise digital video monitoring and logging system is becoming a central element within the world's largest 24x7 sports broadcaster and other leading U.S. sports broadcast networks. Significant wins in the past year have resulted in Observer installations that provide continuous monitoring and recording of some of the country's best-known sports channels, which are using the Volicon system to benefit all areas of their operations.

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