Sony creates the ideal future for education and the workplace at ISE 2020 Posted: 12/02/2020
Sony creates the ideal future for education and the workplace at ISE 2020

Sony Professional Solutions Europe demonstrates a bold vision to create the ideal future for education and work at ISE 2020, as it reveals its latest AV and IT solutions. These include a new beamforming microphone MAS-A100 for lectures and presentations, an upgrade to the transformative workplace management solution with TEOS 2.2, and significant expansions to its laser projector line up.

The future of education:

Sony is expanding its range of advanced solutions for delivering, recording and streaming engaging presentations and video content in education environments. The MAS-A100 is a new IP-based ceiling beamforming microphone enabling flexible and creative “hands-free” lectures and presentations. 

The future of work:

TEOS 2.2 is the latest update allowing for more collaboration and flexibility. It uses the advances in IoT sensor technology to boost integration and unlock efficiencies with 20 new functionalities and features. The tailored Smart Automation is a new customisable Meeting Display interface and an intuitive Outlook integration for room booking, reception sign-in and content sharing.

The future of laser projection

From entry-level through to premium projectors, Sony offers a solution for any space and budget, whether in classrooms and conference venues or museums and churches. VPL-FHZ131L is the newest and brightest premium WUXGA projector from Sony, boasting outputs of 13,000lm. 

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