Paneda opts for 2wcoms 4audio IP and DAB solution to take advantages Posted: 02/03/2020
Paneda opts for 2wcoms 4audio IP and DAB solution to take advantages

Studio to headend: In an IP focused world, also audio is currently moving over to IP distribution which is most cost-efficient form of contribution. Regarding DAB this includes the chance to forward the station programs to the headend via Audio over IP and separate the audio portion from DAB multiplexing system. At Paneda, we do so by using 2wcom’s IP-4c four-channel Audio over IP codec and MoIN Multimedia over IP Network server. Both solutions offer a number of benefits and increase flexibility to handle the entire parts of a project. The basic principle for such setup is that the studio audio contribution feeds the centralized MoIN server over IP and providing the flexibility to choose different codecs and formats between studio and centralized server.

Head end to transmitter sites: 2wcom’s DAB-4c high density converter enables operators to use new and already existing infrastructures at the same time, including EDI and ETI multiplexers as sources or legacy ETI and EDI transmitters. Moreover, a satellite tuner and ASI interfaces allow very cost efficiently integration into already existing DVB-S/S2 satellite distribution systems or ASI networks to optimize coverage and distribute programs to regions that are still lacking broadband IP.

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