Inside The Mix With Ana Monte And Daniel Deboy Posted: 18/03/2020
Inside The Mix With Ana Monte And Daniel Deboy

Q: Tell me about the company. What inspired you both to start Delta Soundworks?

Ana:Founded by myself (Ana Monte, lead sound designer) and Daniel (Deboy, lead sound engineer) in Heidelberg, Germany in 2016, DELTA Soundworks is a 3D/immersive audio post-production facility. Our projects span across installations, virtual reality, 360-degree films and gaming, as well as feature films, documentaries, TV shows and commercials, and more. Our team consists of a highly skilled and creative group of production sound mixers, recording engineers, sound designers, foley artists, composers and music producers.

DELTA Soundworks grew from the combination of my creative background in film sound design and Daniel’s high-level understanding of the science of sound. I studied music industry and technology at California State University, Chico, and I earned my master’s degree in film sound and sound design at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, here in Germany. Daniel is graduate of the Graz University of Technology, where he focused his studies on 3D audio and music production. He was honored with a “Student Award” from DEGA, the German Acoustical Society, for his research in the field of 3D sound reproduction. He has also received gold, silver and bronze awards from the Audio Engineering Society (AES) for his music recordings.

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