Autoscript, the world's leading teleprompting company and a Vitec Group brand, today announced that its all-new Intelligent Prompting solution has received China's coveted BIRTV Award in the Outstanding Product category. The award specifically recognizes the solution's WinPlus-IP, an updated version of Autoscript's WinPlus teleprompting software that includes powerful new functionality and key features enhancing ease of use.
Tags: AUTOSCRIPT INTELLIGENT PROMPTING | autoscript | CHINAS BIRTV AWARD | WINPLUS-IP SOFTWARE | Industrys First | Fully IP-enabled | Teleprompting System | Seamless | Flexible | reliable Broadcast Prompting Workflows | IBC 2017 | IBC 2017
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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Espial Introduces 5th Generation of RDK-Based G4 STB Client to Power Operator DevOps Posted: 07/09/2017
Transforming the viewing experience worldwide, Espial announced the introduction of its fifth-generation RDK-based set-top box (STB) client solution. Maintaining its leadership position, Espial has introduced the latest Espial G4 STB Client to fully enable DevOps and harness ongoing RDK innovations. Espial is streamlining and automating development to dramatically improve time to market, accelerate feature velocity, and support the richest video service capabilities on the market, including OTT apps. This approach allows operators to seamlessly incorporate the Espial G4 STB Client into their DevOps model to accelerate service velocity with continuous integration.
Tags: Espial | 5th Generation | RDK-Based G4 STB Client | Power Operator DevOps | Set-Top Box Client | Harnesses RDK Advances | Enable Continuous Innovation | IBC2017 | IBC 2017 | IBC 2017
Submitted by 202 Communications
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Tektronix Unveils Comprehensive OTT Monitoring Solution Spanning Ingest to Delivery Posted: 06/09/2017

Ensuring the availability and quality of both live and file-based content is a critical challenge for video content distributors moving to adaptive bit rate (ABR) and over-the-top (OTT) delivery models. Those challenges just got easier with the introduction of comprehensive video on demand (VOD) and live OTT monitoring solutions from Tektronix, an industry-leading innovator of video test, monitoring and diagnostics solutions, that allow broadcasters and other video content distributors using cloud, virtual or physical networks to ensure that the content they are delivering to customers is good quality.

Tags: Tektronix | OTT | IBC2017 | monitoring solution | ingest | delivery | broadcaster | cloud-enabled | IBC 2017 | IBC 2017
Submitted by Bubble Communications
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Amino at IBC 2017: Upcycling - the Key to Transforming TV for Tomorrow Posted: 31/08/2017

Amino, the IP/Cloud video software and device specialist, will showcase at IBC 2017 how it is leading service providers into the new age of TV delivery by upcycling their legacy network equipment and devices.

Tags: IBC | 2017 | Amino | set-top boxes | Donald McGarva | ENABLE | MOVE | VIEW | IBC 2017 | IBC 2017
Submitted by Staff
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Autoscript introduces Intelligent Prompting, Industrys First Fully IP-Enabled End-to-End Teleprompting System Posted: 25/04/2017
Autoscript, the world's leading teleprompting company and a Vitec Group brand, today introduced Intelligent Prompting -- the broadcast industry's first completely IP-enabled teleprompting solution. At the 2017 NAB Show, Autoscript will showcase Intelligent Prompting in an end-to-end teleprompting workflow that delivers the connectivity, flexibility, ease of use, and reliability critical for the modern broadcast operations of today and tomorrow.
Tags: The Vitec Group | Autoscript | Intelligent Prompting | IP-Enabled | end to end | teleprompting system | release | product | NAB 2017 | NAB 2017
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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CloudMBI RetransFx Simplifies Management of Program Retransmission Revenues Posted: 08/02/2017
Decentrix Inc. today announced the release of CloudMBI RetransFx(TM), a comprehensive set of interactive analytical tools for broadcasters designed exclusively to manage program retransmission billing, payments, and reverse retransmission calculations.
Tags: CloudMBI | RetransFx | management | enable | Decentrix | retransmission | profit | spreadsheet | broadcast station
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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AIMS Adopts IS-04 Specification, Which Will Make It Easier to Create and Change Connections Between IP-Enabled Devices Posted: 23/01/2017
The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) today announced that it has added the IS-04 specification to its roadmap. IS-04 will bring critical uniformity to the use of video, audio, and ancillary data on a network of devices. The specification is important because it defines how IP-enabled devices can discover each other and connect compatible IP streams as part of a workflow. Furthermore, IS-04 automates that process, making discovery and connection more fluid than in a conventional SDI environment.
Tags: AIMS | IS-04 specifications | create | change | connection | IP-enabled | devices | SDI environment | video | audio | ancillary data | Alliance for IP Media Solutions
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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Studio Technologies Model 215 Dante-Enabled Announcers Consoles Translate the Next Generation of Gamers with Microsoft Production Studios Posted: 23/09/2014

Microsoft Production Studios recently installed six Studio Technologies Model 215 Dante¢-Enabled Announcers Consoles in its state-of-the-art production facility to handle multi-lingual translations for a program produced in conjunction with Xbox LIVE, Microsofts online gaming and media delivery service. The American English Xbox LIVE production streamed audio and video content during the recent 2014 GamesCom convention in Germany, the worlds second largest video game trade fair, attracting over 340,000 visitors, 6,000 journalists and 635 exhibitors from 88 countries.

Tags: Microsoft Production Studios | Studio Technologies | Model 215 Dante-Enabled Announcers Consoles | Xbox LIVE | GamesCom
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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Bertie Gregory and Sachtler Ace M on Vancouver Island Posted: 16/10/2013
For more than two years, Bertie Gregory, the nineteen-year-old wildlife videographer from England, shot the fauna on Vancouver Island, Canada. This island, the largest in the Pacific in North America, is not only home to black bears, one of Gregory's main focuses. Wolves, pumas, and whales can also be found there. The young filmmaker recently finished his almost 16-minute documentary, West Coast Adventure, in which he also narrates and presents about black bears on the island. Since he did not want the bears to feel threatened or scared in their habitat, he shot from a boat with his Nikon D7000. For a firm stand, the wildlife filmmaker depended upon the lightweight and robust Ace M tripod system by Sachtler, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company.
Tags: Sachtler | Vitec Videocom | Vitec Group | tripod | tripod system | fluid head | tripod head | Bertie Gregory | wildlife | documentary | Vancouver Island | West Coast Adventure | Nikon D7000 | lightweight | robust | Ace M | ground spreader | firm stand | 4 | 6 kg | smooth | movement | compact | payload range | video-enabled | DSLR camera | 57 to 173 cm | small budget | counterbalance | damping | ergonomic | simple | 5-step | easy adjustment | set-up | pan and tilt
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Making demanding web videos around the world with Sachtlers Ace M Posted: 19/04/2013

"Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come," thought young filmmakers Paul Jax and Niclas Lffler in the spirit of Victor Hugo and so they started their own film production company We Make Them Wonder in 2012. Their specialty: web videos that stand out from the crowd demanding and creative. With these ideas, they are very successful, and their commissioned work has already taken them to 18 countries. The filmmakers were looking for a handy, lightweight tripod system suited to the budget of the young start-up company; they needed a system with a quick set-up, durability, versatility, intuitive operation, and designed for work with video-enabled DSLR cameras. They chose the Ace M tripod system with mid-level spreader by Sachtler, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company.

Tags: Sachtler | Vitec Videocom | Vitec Group | Paul Jax | Niclas Lffler | We Make Them Wonder | lightweight | tripod system | budget | quick set-up | durability | versatility | intuitive operation | video-enabled | DSLR cameras | Ace M | mid-level spreader | Ace 75/2 D | stability | quality | Ace L | extended | payload range | 6 kg | 13 lbs
Submitted by Sommer Kommunikation
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Petrol Bags Intros Audio, DSLR, Monitor bags and more at IBC2012 Posted: 28/08/2012

Petrol Bags, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, shows a diverse range of new camera and audio equipment bags at IBC2012 in Amsterdam from September 7 to 11, 2012 in booth number 11.E55.

New for Audio

Petrol Bags will present five new products for audio. The Large Deca Sound Gear & Accessories Bag with Built-in Trolley (PA1003) is optimally designed to move delicate equipment and accessories comfortably and securely, keeping them safe, organised and accessible while working.

Tags: Petrol Bags | Vitec Videocom | Vitec Group | IBC2012 Amsterdam | audio | Large Deca Sound Gear&Accessories Bag with Built-in Trolley (PA1003) | Deca Audio Bag (PS614) | Portable Digital Recorder Pouch (PS615) | Deca Wireless Case (PS616) | Deca Sound Man Rain Poncho (PS606) | lighting | Liteporter (PL2005) | Litepanels 1x1 LED fixture | Video-enabled DSLRs | DSLR camera | Rolling DigitSuite DSLR Camera Case (PD620) | LCD monitor | Deca 5\" Monitor Bag (PM805) | Deca 21.5\" LCD Monitor Bag (PM806) | tripods | Soft Tripod Bag (PT703) | Sachtler
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