AVer Europe launches interactive control box in UK to drive classroom collaboration Posted: 26/02/2020
AVer Europe launches interactive control box in UK to drive classroom collaboration

AVer Europe, the award-winning provider of video collaboration solutions and education technology solutions, has today announced the UK launch of CB-310, its interactive control box designed to increase the capability of existing equipment within the classroom and raise student engagement.

As a stand-alone Android™ module, the CB-310 easily connects to any display and is designed for seamless integration via multiple output ports. The device keeps costs low by making the most of existing equipment within the classroom, fully integrating with TVs, interactive whiteboards, monitors, projectors and visualisers. The CB-310 allows educators to use Windows®, Mac®, Chrome® and Android™ platforms at the same time by simply switching input sources.

The powerful ScreenShare technology of the CB-310 allows students to work on a smartphone, tablet or laptop then wirelessly share their thoughts with everyone. By remotely mirroring the content from a range of devices, the CB-310 provides a platform for all students and enables new possibilities within the learning and teaching environment as a result.

The CB-310’s split screen feature enables up to four different student ideas or presentations to all be displayed simultaneously, making it a perfect solution for side-by-side comparisons and group collaboration.

“The CB-310 control box helps educators to make the most of their existing equipment inventory through flawless integration, while also helping to engage students using inclusive collaboration tools,” explains Rene Buhay, AVer Europe Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “The possibilities at your fingertips with the CB-310 make it the hub of any classroom.”

AVer Europe’s CB-310 control box is available with a 3-year warranty at MSRP £479. For more information, please visit

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