Bannister Lakes Elector Software Will Keep Canadians Informed for Upcoming Election Day Coverage Posted: 14/10/2019
Bannister Lakes Elector Software Will Keep Canadians Informed for Upcoming Election Day Coverage

Canadians go to the polls on Oct. 21 and once again Bannister Lake is providing two national broadcasters with complete election management solutions. Bannister Lake clients Global Television and CPAC, the Cable Public Affairs Channel (Canada's version of C-Span), will use the company's Elector software to produce election night coverage. Elector allows producers to instantly see and track real-time results, take advantage of advanced filtering to zero in on specific races, make race calls, and quickly and accurately create graphic playlists for broadcast.

Elector features a multi-user, web-based user interface, making the product accessible to production teams anywhere. Producers and analysts can spot voting trends and translate those trends into powerful graphic presentations. Graphics can then be dragged, dropped, and organized into playlists in preparation for broadcast. Elector's Restful API can be used to strategically distribute real-time data content to online destinations, widgets, mobile devices, and augmented reality and virtual reality systems.

Elector is an election results solution engineered and designed exclusively for Canadian elections; however, Bannister Lake's popular Chameleon data management product includes an election module that supports U.S. and any other election process. Like Elector, Chameleon election data can feed multiple broadcast graphic engines, online, mobile, and other broadcast visualization systems. Bannister Lake is expanding its election offerings with data-driven web widgets that allow online users to customize data to specific electoral districts to access local information and analysis.

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