Osprey Video Scaling HDMI and SDI Video Converters Now Shipping Posted: 11/09/2017
Osprey Video today announced that its two new small-form-factor scaling converters are now shipping. The HSCSA-2 converts HDMI video to SDI, and the SHCSA-2 converts 3G-SDI video to HDMI. After conversion, each model performs scaling, frame-rate conversion, deinterlacing, and audio embedding and de-embedding on the resulting signal. The new scaling converters are unique in their ability to both embed and de-embed audio within a single unit.
Tags: Osprey | Video Scaling HDMI | SDI Video Converter | HSCSA-2 | HDMI video | frame-rate conversion | deinterlacing | audio embedding | audio de-embedding | IBC 2017 | IBC 2017
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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Crystal Vision has released a video synchroniser for its new Vision frame system. The best solution for any embedding, de-embedding and timing requirements, SYNNER-VF combines multiple functions on one card to simplify system designs and save broadcast engineers money and rack space. Working with 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources and both AES and analogue audio, SYNNER-VF combines a video synchroniser, tracking audio delay, embedder, de-embedder, audio processor and video proc-amp, and includes flexible delay compensation, advanced handling of Dolby E, comprehensive signal monitoring and optional integrated fibre input/output. SYNNER-VF gives more video outputs than Crystal Vision has offered before on a synchroniser, and takes advantage of the dual reference syncs distributed from the Vision frame, resulting in easier wiring and the option of a backup reference.

Tags: crystal vision | synchroniser | embedding | de-embedding | vision frame | IP
Submitted by Crystal Vision Ltd.
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Crystal Vision has added flexible embedding and de-embedding to its new Vision frame system. Working with 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources, TANDEM10-VF is a powerful four group audio embedder/de-embedder with the ability to embed and de-embed a mixture of up to eight external AES stereo pairs and four stereo pairs (or eight mono channels) of external analogue audio making it equally suited to those who need to embed and de-embed at the same time or to those who want a single product for use as an embedder or de-embedder as required. Giving more video outputs than the company's previous embedders/de-embedders, the feature-rich TANDEM10-VF includes full audio routing, audio and video processing, flexible delay compensation, fibre input/output connectivity and comprehensive signal monitoring.

Tags: Crystal Vision | embedding | de-embedding | embedder | de-embedder | Vision | TANDEM
Submitted by Crystal Vision Ltd.
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Crystal Vision takes latest virtual studio and infrastructure products to NAB2013 - (Booth N1523) Posted: 15/03/2013

Crystal Vision will be showing its new products for the virtual studio on Booth N1523 at NAB2013, with the US launch of its evaluations-winning chroma keyer Safire 3, accompanied by a state-of-the-art touch screen control panel. The easy-to-drive Safire 3 chroma keyer uses an advanced algorithm and numerous key processing options to produce the best possible chroma key and also features built-in colour correction and video delay. Other new products on show will include a logo keyer with enhanced audio capabilities and more, a new range of feature-packed variable video delays offering up to 110 seconds of delay, Crystal Visions innovative Dolby encoding solution for its embedded audio products, and three new features for the company's up and down converters.

Tags: NAB2013 | Crystal Vision Ltd | Safire 3 | chroma keyer | Dolby encoding solution | embedding | de-embedding | Multilogo | keying | video delay | ViViD | SYNNER 310 | TANDEM 310 | Dolby E | up and down conversion | Up-Down 3G | NAB 2013 | NAB 2013
Submitted by Crystal Vision Ltd.
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PAM makeover brings acclaim for BCD Audio Posted: 04/05/2012

PAM has had a makeover and its bringing acclaim and commercial success to UK company BCD Audio. PAM is the acronym for the Presenter Audio Monitor system, for use in the television gallery and on the studio floor, designed and built in the UK and being used increasingly in television and radio studios around the world.

Tags: PAM | BCD Audio | Mike Law | Presenter Audio Monitor system | television studio installations | gallery installations | audio monitoring | presenter outstations | radio broadcasting | television broadcasting | bespoke audio solutions | FPGAs | audio embedding | audio de-embedding | radio station webcasting | webcast system
Submitted by Stylus Media Consultants
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FlashCase, Nevions ultra-lightweight frame for outdoor broadcast wins at NAB Posted: 28/04/2010
FlashCase, one of two new enclosure solutions introduced by Nevion (formerly Network/VPG) caused a stir at NAB and brought home an award for technical innovation for the leading video transport solution provider.
"Broadcasters at NAB really responded to the simplicity and versatility, as well as sophisticated feature set of FlashCase," said Nevion USA president Eugene Keane. "The use of optical fibre, overall versatility monitoring and control capabilities, all within a durable yet extremely lightweight frame proved the demand for this product. FlashCase brings a new level of performance and control to exterior housings."
Tags: flashcase | nab | video transport | nevion | embedding | signal processing | format conversion | synchronisation | WDM | CWDM | DWDM | optical multiplexing | TDM electrical multiplexing
Submitted by Rebecca Adewale
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