New 1745 Peli Air Case Posted: 30/10/2019
New 1745 Peli Air Case

The Peli™ Air Case range has been expanded with the launch of the new 1745 case; designed for long equipment, such as tripods. Peli Air cases are waterproof and crushproof and offer additional sizes to the Peli Protector and Peli Storm case lines.

The 1745 case features press and pull latches to keep the lid firmly closed during transit but to open easily on arrival. Stainless steel bearing wheels are built in for easy transportation of heavier loads. The 1745 is 1118mm long x 426mm wide and 206mm deep (internal measurements) and is available with Pick n Pluck™ foam for protection against impact, vibration and shock.

The Peli Air range has been hugely popular and there are now twelve sizes available. They are all engineered to maintain the same level of durability as the classic Peli cases, but reduce the weight of each case by up to 40 percent. The Air case range is constructed of premium lightweight HPX2 resin, the next generation of Peli’s proprietary formula that rebounds from stress without breaking.

Peli Air cases carry the legendary “You break it, we replace it” …forever.™

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Making a stand MSA Foams at BVE 2016 Posted: 07/01/2016
Making a stand    MSA Foams at BVE 2016

Exhibiting for the first time at BVE 2016, MSA Foams bring a new dimension of stand design to Excel in February a stand made entirely from foam!   MSA Foams specialise in the design and manufacture of protective packaging solutions, ideal for cameras and delicate film equipment that requires safe transportation or protection. 

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The Longest Storm Posted: 22/06/2015
The Longest Storm

The im3410 is the latest addition to the Peli Storm case range. This is the longest case in the entire Peli range at over 1.3m long (internal dimensions: 1384 x 254 x 152mm).   The im3410 is waterproof, crushproof and has ATA 300 approval.  This model is designed to securely protect long, fragile items such as tripods or jibs. 

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Submitted by Peli Products (UK) Ltd
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Peli Cases in Pole Position Posted: 21/03/2014
Peli Cases in Pole Position

Peli cases were chosen for the a five week, 200km gruelling attempt by wounded soldiers to walk to the South Pole.

Alexis Giradet explained "On my most recent polar expedition, filming Walking with The Wounded's South Pole Allied Challenge for ITV and NBC, working in the unrelenting cold and brutal conditions of Antarctica tested both people and kit to the limit. With no back up or outside support, it was essential that we protected the fragile filming kit, there was no room for error. In the extreme conditions of -40°

For over 20 years Peli UK have sent Peli cases to far flung places across the world, safely protecting vital equipment against extreme conditions.  For more details go to

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New Peli 1560 Laptop Overnight Case Posted: 14/02/2012
New Peli 1560 Laptop Overnight Case


Following the success of the smaller version (1510), Peli launch a new 1560 Laptop Overnight Case.  This practical and stylish laptop trolley case has the outstanding reputation for equipment protection associated with Peli cases. 

Tags: Peli | case | protective | camera case | Pelican | Pelican case | waterproof case | dustproof case | studio case | laptop case | protection | equipment protection | camera protection | laptop protection | guaranteed.
Submitted by Peli Products (UK) Ltd
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Cold Case Review Posted: 26/01/2012
Cold Case Review


Vital camera gear was safely transported in Peli cases by the crew filming what must be the most extreme sporting event of 2011 the Antarctic Ice Marathon.


The Antarctic Ice Marathon is the southernmost marathon on earth, just a few hundred miles from the South Pole and is a unique opportunity for athletes to complete a formidable and challenging marathon.

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Submitted by Peli Products (UK) Ltd
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Petrol Bags Introduces Deca CamWrap for Sony PMW-500 350 320 Posted: 27/09/2011
Petrol Bags Introduces Deca CamWrap for Sony PMW-500 350 320

Petrol Bags, a Vitec Group brand, has the equipment protection solution for Sony PMW-500, 350 and 320 camerasthe Deca CamWrap. 

Uniquely designed to shield equipment while on location, this easy-to-use cover safeguards the camera body from unwanted scratches or dust. Deca CamWrap Construction is made of black, layered 3D Micro-Fiber Mesh (3DM) that keeps the camera cool and well ventilated. 
The CamWrap is designed to offer fast and easy access to all camera features. Oversized transparent polyurethane (TPU) windows provide maximum visibility of controls. The rear battery cover is equipped with two connectors for detachable pouches for wireless receivers and transmitters; one pouch is included. Features include a protective viewfinder sleeve that can be opened to enable access to the cameras LCD screen, and a built-in rain cover. Unobtrusive CamWrap weighs just 0.4 kg (14.1 oz).
Tags: Petrol Bags | Vitec Group | Equipment protection solution | Deca CamWrap | Sony PMW-500/350/320
Submitted by Sommer Kommunikation
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