Ray of Light: Calrec launches new Artemis console at 2017 NAB Show Posted: 11/04/2017
Calrec Audio shines a Ray on the 2017 NAB Show by launching the latest addition to its Artemis family of consoles. Artemis Ray has 456 fully featured input channels -- making it more powerful than the Artemis Beam. Further, Artemis Ray can handle up to 72 faders, the same as the larger Artemis Shine model.
Tags: Ray of Light | Calrec Audio | Artemis | console | 2017 NAB Show | Artemis Ray | Artemis Beam | fader | Artemis Shine | surface | control | Dave Letson
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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Cinefade - A novel form of cinematic expression Posted: 05/09/2016
The first and only camera accessory that allows cinematographers to vary depth of field in one shot, enabling the gradual transition between a sharp and a blurry background.
Tags: Cinefade | variable depth of field | rack | fade | filter tray | variable ND filter | storytelling tool | cmotion lens control system | IBC 2016 | IBC 2016
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TMD and FADEL form media management alliance Posted: 13/04/2016
TMD, the leading provider of asset management systems for digital and physical assets, today announced that it has entered a technical and business alliance with FADEL, a leading provider of cloud-based intellectual property (IP) rights and royalty management software.
Tags: TMD | Tony Taylor | Mediaflex-UMS | MAM | FADEL | Asset Rights Clearance | ARC | NAB | Cloud Media | Paragon+ | Chameleon | OnPoint | NAB 2016 | NAB 2016
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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Sound Devices 788T-SSD Provides Out of this World Audio Recording Capabilities for BBCs Doctor Who Posted: 16/09/2013

When BAFTA Cymru Award-nominated sound recordist Deian Humphreys set out to capture all of the dynamic dialog for the BBC hit science fiction television program Sound Devices 788T-SSD digital audio recorder, 442 field mixer, CL-9 linear fader controller and Doctor Who is a British science fiction television program produced by the BBC depicting the adventures of a Time Lorda time traveling, humanoid alien known as the Doctor. He explores the universe in his TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), a sentient time-traveling spaceship. Its exterior appears as a blue British police box, a common sight in Britain in 1963, when Doctor Who first aired. Along with a succession of companions, the Doctor faces a variety of foes while working to save civilizations and help ordinary people.

Tags: Sound Devices | 788T-SSD digital audio recorder | 442 mixer | CL-9 linear fader controller | CL-8 mixing control surface | Doctor Who | BBC
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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Sought After Sound Mixer David Husby Relies On Sound Devices for Several Film Projects Posted: 25/05/2011
Tireless production sound mixer David Husby is in high demand these days, having worked virtually nonstop on more than half a dozen films over the past two years. While traveling from location to location, this jet-setting audio pro has come to rely on Sound Devices and its digital recorders and accessory products while working on his extensive filmography. With a Sound Devices 788T Digital Recorder and its CL-9 Linear Fader Controller and CL-8 Controller in tow, and a second 788T serving as a back-up, Husbys trusty sound rig accompanies him to capture the sound on each filming location. His more recent portfolio includes last years The A-Team and Tooth Fairy, as well as titles scheduled for release later this year such as Rise of the Apes, The Big Year and Final Destination 5. He is also currently working on the upcoming animated film, Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked.

Tags: David Husby | Sound Devices | 788T Digital recorder | CL-9 Linear Fader Controller | CL-8 Controller | digital recorders
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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DiGiCo Hits The Road With Dubology Posted: 29/04/2010
A new mobile facility is now available in Australia that has put the benefits of DiGiCo digital recording and ease of use into an extremely compact, mobile package.
Sydney-based Dubology Studios has recently unveiled the DubMobile, a mobile facility featuring a 128 channel DiGiCo DS-00 digital console with two EX-00 fader expansion modules, DiGiRack and MiNi-DiGiRack, with up to 288 tracks of multitrack recording on to ProTools HD, Steinberg Nuendo and MOTU Digital Performer.
Tags: DiGiCo | Dubology studios | 128 channel | ds-00 | ex-00 fader | mini-digirack | ProTools HD | Steinberg Nuendo | MOTU Digital Performer
Submitted by Sarah James
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