Firmware Upgrade Adds Functionality to SmallHD Production and Studio Monitors Posted: 09/11/2016

SmallHD announces a free firmware update that adds an array of new features to increase the functionality of its groundbreaking line of 13, 17, 24 and 32 production monitors, including the HDR (high dynamic range) displays.

Tags: SmallHd | firmware update | 1.3 firmware | production monitor | studio monitor | about the gear
Submitted by Lewis Communications
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Timecode Systems Launches Version 4 Firmware With New BLINK Master ID Posted: 28/10/2016
Timecode Systems today announced the release of Version 4 firmware, a new update that not only integrates SyncBac PRO devices into the company's network, but also provides significant enhancements to its BLINK RF protocol. This is an essential upgrade required across all Timecode Systems products and adds a new 'BLINK Master ID' feature to the system. 
Tags: Timecode Systems | version 4 Firmware | BLINK Master Hub | protocol | GoPro | camera | film studios | SyncBac PRO | shoot | RF link
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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Firmware Upgrade Unlocks Power of HDR Preview on SmallHD Production Monitors Posted: 29/08/2016

SmallHD announces the release of the first firmware update for its line of 17, 24 and 32 production monitors. Based on industry and customer feedback, we created the greatly expanded firmware 1.0. Weve integrated a ton of features to customize color and brightness.  We believe we have truly unlocked the power of HDR Preview. Our customers will love the convenience and flexibility the new firmware adds, says Wes Phillips, SmallHD Co-Founder.

Tags: SmallHD | production monitors | firmware | upgrade | hdr | aboutthegear
Submitted by Lewis Communications
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AJA Ki Pro Ultra v1.2 Update to Add ExFAT, 16-channel Audio, CC Support, 2SI; Pak-Adapt-eSATA to Bring Third Party eSATA Media Compatibility Posted: 19/04/2016
AJA Video Systems today announced Ki Pro Ultra v1.2 firmware adding 16-channel embedded SDI audio, ExFAT file system, Closed Captioning (CC) and SMPTE 2SI I/O support. 
Tags: AJA | AJA Video Systems | NAB | Ki Pro Ultra | Firmware | NAB 2016
Submitted by Raz Public Relations
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PIX-E Series Gets Host of New Features With Firmware V1.30 Posted: 17/02/2016
Video Devices, a brand of video products developed by Sound Devices, LLC, announces Firmware Version 1.30 for the PIX-E Series of 4K-compatible recording monitors. This latest update is applicable to the entire PIX-E Series, including the PIX-E7, PIX-E5, and PIX-E5H. 
Tags: Video Devices | Sound Devices | Video | Firmware | 4K | Video
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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Huge Decimator Design Firmware Release 2.0.6 - SDI Level B Support, Image Flipping and Custom Multiviewer Layouts Posted: 08/09/2015

Decimator Design has released a firmware update, adding many much-requested features to the range.

3G Level B support for 1080p60/59.94/50 has been added to the MD-HX, MD-CROSS V1/V2, MD-QUAD, DMON-4S, DMON-6S, DMON-12S, DMON-16S and DMON-16SL.

Tags: Decimator Design | IBC | IBC 2015 | Firmware release | SDI Level B | Image Flipping | Custom Multiviewer layouts | multiviewer | 3G level B | MD-HX | MD-CROSS V1/V2 | MD-QUAD | DMON-4S | DMON-6S | DMON-12S | DMON-16S | DMON-16SL | 3G level A | custom UMDs | Symbiosis | Suzanne Mills | IBC 2015
Submitted by Stylus Media Consultants
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AJA Releases v1.2 Firmware for CION Production Camera at NAB 2015 Posted: 15/04/2015

AJA Video Systems unveiled v1.2 firmware for its CION 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD professional production camera today at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show 2015. The field-upgradeable software update brings CION users around the world additional image improvements, new features and several other enhancements. It is available for free download here: .

Tags: AJA | AJA Video Systems | NAB | Broadcast | Production | Camera | CION | Firmware | Firmware Update | Software | Software Update | Product Update | 4K | UHD | UltraHD | NAB 2015 | NAB 2015
Submitted by AJA
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AJA Releases v1.1 Firmware for CION Production Camera Posted: 05/02/2015

Grass Valley, CA -- AJA Video Systems today released v1.1 firmware for the new CION 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD production camera. The camera started shipping just over one month ago, and this software update increases the Exposure Index (EI) values to EI 320, EI 500, EI 800 and EI 1000, as well as offering improved highlight handling capabilities.

Tags: AJA | AJA Video Systems | CION | Camera | Production Camera | Production | 4K | UHD | UltraHD | 2K | HD | Exposure | Exposure Index | Product Update | Software Update | Firmware Update
Submitted by AJA
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Sound Devices Streamlines Production Workflows with Launch of Firmware 2.10 for Rack-Mounted Recorders Posted: 21/10/2014

Sound Devices, specialists in portable audio and video products for field, live event and studio production, introduces Firmware 2.10, the latest software update for its 970 audio rack-mounted and PIX 250i, PIX 260i and PIX 270i video rack-mounted recorders. New features and upgrades include enhanced metadata functionality, sound report creation and improved file/folder formats. In addition, Sound Devices now offers a Release Candidate Screening Program, which gives existing end users of its rack-mounted recorders a sneak peek into new features and changes under development in the firmware.

Tags: Sound Devices | Video Devices | Firmware 2.10 | 970 | PIX 250i | PIX 260i | PIX 270i | Release Candidate Screening Program
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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Canon implements new UHDTV standards and improves 4K workflow with latest firmware updates Posted: 08/09/2014
Canon has enhanced its Cinema EOS System and 4K professional reference display with the release of new firmware that will enable more efficient, standards compliant 4K production. Available free of charge, the new updates for the EOS C500, DP-V3010 and Canon RAW Development Software, will significantly enhance workflow during filming and post-production processes.
Tags: Canon | UHDTV | 4K production | firmware | Cinema EOS System | EOS C500 | DP-V3010 | Canon RAW | workflow | filming | post-production | IBC 2014 | IBC 2014
Submitted by H+K Strategies for Canon
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aQ Broadcast Introduces New aVS Version 4 Firmware Posted: 02/09/2014
Wide range of operational modes provide ultimate control, benefits
aQ Broadcast Limited, which designs, develops and manufactures an integrated range of newsroom, scripting, automation and media management software alongside video server and production suite hardware is launching Version 4 firmware for its aQ Video Server products at IBC 2014.
Tags: aQ | aQ Broadcast | IBC | IBC 2014 | aVS | GUI | RAID | Neil Hutchins | V4 | Version 4 Firmware | IBC 2014 | IBC 2014
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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Decimator Design begins delivery of DMON-12S - 12 Channel SDI Multi-Viewer with SDI and HDMI outputs Posted: 12/08/2014

Decimator Design have begun shipping their DMON-12S, a miniature 12 to 1 Multi-Viewer costing just $1995/1600/£1300, plus local taxes and shipping.

The portable DMON-12S includes 12 independent 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs, supporting 26 formats and variable aspect ratios. Each quadrant is independent of the others, allowing any 3G/HD/SD format of any frame rate to be displayed simultaneously. The 3G/HD/SD-SDI output and the HDMI output are linked, allowing synchronous output to two monitors. A range of Multi-Viewer layouts are selectable, including customisable layouts, enabling display of any number of inputs between 1 and 12.

Tags: Decimator Design | Symbiosis | DMON | DMON 12S | SDI Multiviewer | HDMI | HD SDI | SDI | 3G | firmware updates | Mike Wattley | Decimator distributor | new | IBC 2014 | IBC 2014
Submitted by Stylus Media Consultants
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Blackmagic Design announces new heads up display for Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Posted: 29/07/2014
Blackmagic Design today announced the immediate availability of Camera 1.9 software which includes new heads up display on screen metering that provides customers with histogram, peak audio meters and recording time remaining for the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K.
Tags: Production Camera 4K | Firmware | Blackmagic Design
Submitted by Blackmagic design
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Sound Devices PIX 260i Production Video Recorders Get in Sync with Latest Firmware Update Posted: 07/01/2014

Sound Devices, specialists in portable audio and video products for field production, announces its latest firmware update, Version 1.50, for its Tags: Sound Devices | PIX 260i Production Video Recorder | firmware | Version 1.50 | PIXNET

Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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AJA Announces 4K Support for KUMO Routers With New v3.0 Firmware Update Posted: 16/09/2013

KUMO Family of Compact SDI Routers Now Offer Multiple Input/Output Grouping for Dual and Quad Link

Amsterdam, Netherlands, IBC Conference Stand 7.F11 -- AJA Video Systems today announced the KUMO v3.0 firmware update to enable Dual Link, 4K and Ultra HD support in its KUMO family of compact SDI routers. Available in super-compact 1RU or 2RU form factors and with support for 3G/HD/SD-SDI, cost-effective KUMO routers are ideal for any production environment from mobile production trucks to live event A/V rigs. KUMO routers are available in three configurations: KUMO 3232 supports thirty-two 3G-SDI inputs and outputs, KUMO 1616 supports sixteen 3G-SDI inputs and outputs, and KUMO 1604 supports sixteen 3G-SDI inputs and four 3G-SDI outputs. The new KUMO firmware also supports ganged dual and quad port routing, allowing users to group together multiple inputs and outputs for Dual Link, 4K and Ultra HD workflows.

Tags: AJA | AJA Video | AJA Video Systems | KUMO | Routers | 4K | Broadcast | Production | Mobile Production | Live Event | A/V | Product Update | Firmware Update | 3G | HD | SD | SDI | Routing | Workflow | Workflows | IBC 2013 | IBC 2013
Submitted by AJA Video
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