Record numbers of exhibitors at KitPlus Show MediaCityUK Posted: 25/10/2019
Record numbers of exhibitors at KitPlus Show MediaCityUK

KitPlus Show, MediaCityUK, Manchester 5 November: A record number of exhibitors, ready to demonstrate leading products, services, and technologies from more than 100 brands – many for the first time - will be on hand at the ninth annual KitPlus Show MediaCityUK.

Simon Tillyer, KitPlus Show says, “Having recognised that people are increasingly less able or willing to travel long distances to shows, we decided a long time ago to take KitPlus Show to regional media hubs such as Glasgow, Bristol and Manchester. The concept is to give visitors the opportunity to see the very latest in new kit without having to travel far in a friendly, relaxed environment, and it doesn’t cost a thing.

“As well as getting hands on with new kit and speaking directly with manufacturers, there are workshops, training sessions and seminars throughout the day together with excellent networking opportunities. The emphasis is on creating quality time, and the exchange of quality information, both of which are far more readily available at these regional shows than during the crush of major trade shows.”

These free-to-attend events host many of the top names in the business, including EditshareBlackmagic Design, CanonJVCNewTekPanasonic, and many more.

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Glensound Lead The Way As HD Voice Is Now Available In 61 Countries Posted: 16/08/2013
Glensound Lead The Way As HD Voice Is Now Available In 61 Countries
The HD Voice service is now available in 61 countries, 26 more than this time last year, across 83 mobile networks.  As the worldwide roll out of HD Voice continues at a rapid pace, Glensound Broadcasters Mobile Phones are becoming essential items for broadcasters.
HD Voice is the system on 3G/UMTS mobile phone networks that allows audio connections at a 7kHz audio bandwidth.  The key factor with HD Voice is that it is a normal voice call.  There are no IP or data fluctuation issues when in busy environments such as a sports stadium.  A call is simply made, and it stays connected at 7kHz audio bandwidth.
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Glensound talk SPORT Posted: 15/05/2012
Glensound talk SPORT
Last month, the UKs only dedicated sports radio station, talkSPORT, announced that they have agreed a deal with the Premier League for an exclusive package of international audio broadcasting rights for the next four football seasons.
talkSPORT will broadcast commentary on all 380 Premiership games each year to football fans across the world in multiple languages including English, Spanish and Mandarin. This extensive commentary required investment in a completely new commentary system setup.
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Glensound GDC 6432 Digital Commentary Provides The World Cup Feeds At The Rugby World Cup New Zealand 2011 Posted: 22/11/2011
Glensound GDC 6432 Digital Commentary Provides The World Cup Feeds At The Rugby World Cup New Zealand 2011

Seasoned Glensound users Gearhouse Broadcast have just returned from a successful event at the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, where they provided commentary services to OSB NZ, for host broadcaster Sky NZ. In providing this service they selected the Glensound Digital Commentary GDC 6432 as the commentary system.

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Host Broadcast Services of Switzerland will again be using Glensound commentary systems, in their role as host broadcaster at the South African Football World Cup. Posted: 22/06/2010
gs-oc34 Over 650 analogue commentary positions will be used in the form of the Glensound GS-OC33 desktop base stations and GS-OC34 Commentators' Units. These will be positioned around the football stadiums and at the International Broadcast Centre, as the standard commentary position made available to world broadcasters.
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Making Life Easy For Voice Recording At BBC Northern Ireland Posted: 16/03/2010
Making Life Easy For Voice Recording At BBC Northern Ireland Glensound Electronics have launched two new devices that help the non technical user achieve a perfect voice recording. The Atomic Voiceover 08 and 08+, are essentially high quality microphone pre-amps for dynamic, condenser or ribbon mics. The Voiceover 08+ was developed for voice recording into video editing systems at BBC Northern Ireland.
The unique feature of the units is in Glensound's development of an Automatic Gain Adjust (AGA) system. This is a very sophisticated gain adjust that takes a snapshot of the audio levels over a 7 second sample period. The user simply presses the 'Take Level / Mic Gain' button and reads a sample passage for level. The AGA system is able to set the input gain level over this period whilst allowing a suitable headroom for any louder passages. This has the benefit over traditional AGC systems that the level is constant and does not increase background noise during quiet passages for example.
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