Testronic Chooses GrayMeta Iris Media Platform for QC Testing Facility Posted: 14/10/2019
Testronic Chooses GrayMeta Iris Media Platform for QC Testing Facility

Testronic, a leader in quality assurance (QA), localization services, and compliance for the film, television and games industries, has integrated GrayMeta’s Iris Media Platform as a QCplayback tool in their testing facility which is used to test Post Production Masters and other files for OTT services in territories around the world.

Testronic provides outsourced QC testing services, in various worldwide territories, to content owners who are launching, or have an existing, OTT service. Testronic’s services ensures that the quality of the content meets the highest expectations. Testronic also tests the OTT platform across a large international device farm to confirm correct functionality and user experience on mobile and living room devices, as well as smart TVs for territories the world over.

Testronic has integrated Iris into its playback tool testing platform, helping them in their QC process for Master Quality Control and OTT deliverable package QC. Equipped with advanced video and audio tools, collaboration features, and a QC report generator, GrayMeta’s Iris Media platform uses metadata templates to efficiently check technical requirements, import automated QC reports and verify and double-check for false positives.

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