Riedel MediorNet Powers Robust and Decentralized Routing Infrastructure for HD Broadcasts Upgraded HD1 Posted: 17/01/2017
HD Broadcast, a major German provider of live production and outside broadcasting (OB) services, has upgraded its HD1 mobile production truck with Riedel Communications' MediorNet real-time network. Three MediorNet Compact Pro frames and six Riedel MicroN high-density media distribution network devices are connected over a 10 Gbps optical fiber network to create a fully redundant, decentralized routing matrix. Working in combination with HD Broadcast's existing Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom system, the highly scalable new MediorNet infrastructure combines fully integrated signal transport, routing, and processing with pristine communications.
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Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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AJA Releases New Mini-Converters at 2013 IBC Posted: 13/09/2013

Amsterdam, Netherlands, IBC Conference Stand 7.F11 -- AJA Video Systems today announced V2Digital, V2Analog, HD10A-Plus and 4K2HD, new additions to its range of compact, high-quality Mini-Converters. Each new Mini-Converter offers new features and capabilities for analog and digital workflows across SD, HD, UltraHD (UHD) and 4K. 

Tags: AJA | AJA Video | AJA Video Systems | Mini-Converters | V2Digital | V2Analog | HD10A-Plus | Analog | Digital | Workflows | SD | HD | UltraHD | UHD | 4K | Broadcast | Hardware | Formats | Converter | Convert | Conversion | Production | Universal Power Supply | IBC 2013 | IBC 2013
Submitted by AJA Video
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SeeSense announce new Toshiba broadcast enhanced 3-CCD Miniature Camera Posted: 05/07/2013

SeeSense, UK and European miniature camera solution specialists, announced that Toshiba has launched a 3-CCD miniature camera enhanced for broadcast and industrial use.

The Toshiba IK-HD2 HD remote head camera system is an enhancement of their established and hugely popular Toshiba IK-HD1 camera system.  Toshiba have taken the CCU and added several new features making it more Broadcast friendly. New features include Manual User mask setting for Auto-Shutter (exposure) and white balance, Black Gamma level set, Edge detail output - great for focus assist, and Manual Red and Blue black balance adjust.

Tags: SeeSense | Toshiba | IK-HD2 | HD camera | broadcast camera | industrial camera | Nigel Paine | IK-HD1
Submitted by KFX Technology
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Toshiba IK-HD1 Camera from SeeSense Plumbs New Depths Posted: 27/09/2011

In preparation for a scientific research project next year a Toshiba IK-HD1 camera has been successfully tested to a depth of 4,300 metres (14,000feet). 

The test took place in the Atlantic Ocean, off the Canary Islands, from a specially fitted research ship sailing from Lisbon, Portugal. It involved testing different types of lighting systems to work in conjunction with theToshiba camera. 

Tags: Toshiba | SeeSense | Nigel Paine | Toshiba IK-HD1 camera | ocean research | small cameras specialist
Submitted by Nigel Paine, MD of SeeSense
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SeeSense launches with expertise in small cameras and a unique Toshiba HD camera product Posted: 08/08/2011
New company SeeSense has launched , specialising in the sale of miniature camera systems as well as C and CS mount lenses.

Nigel Paine, founder and MD said  The decision to form SeeSense followed the birth of my son Patrick.  Wanting him to be brought up in a close family structure, we decided to move to my wife Janas home town in Slovakia.

Tags: SeeSense | small cameras | small cameras and lenses | Small Toshiba broadcast cameras | small broadcast cameras | small cameras suitable for 3D | CS mount lenses | CS mount camera modifications | small camera specialist | Toshiba cameras | miniature camera systems | Toshiba distributor | IK-HR1P | IK-HR1S | IK-HR1D | wide aperture megapixel varifocals | IK-HD1
Submitted by Nigel Paine, SeeSense MD
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Pioneering AV company QED Productions found they were able to set several technical milestones when the 2009 Entrepreneurs Bootcamp came to Londons O2 Arena.

The brief from event producers, Smyle Creative, was to provide the biggest projection display ever seen at the 15,000-capacity venue, and AV specialists QED duly obliged, filling the massive 34.5m wide by 11.9m high Harkness Hall projection canvas by deploying six state-of-the-art Christie Roadster HD18K projectors flown off a 25-metre high truss, high above the audience, via their own fast-fit custom-designed rigging system.

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