Osprey Video at the 2017 NAB Show Posted: 09/02/2017
Osprey Video's line of hardware encoders -- launched at last year's NAB Show with the award-winning Talon G1 three-channel streaming contribution encoder -- continues to mature with the addition of new models, new features, and new and tighter integrations with some of the industry's leading streaming platforms. Such integrations, a key focus for Osprey Video this year, reduce complexity for the user by creating streaming solutions for multiple applications in numerous industries.
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Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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V Televisin connects broadcast studios with Teracue H.264 Encoders and Decoders Posted: 22/03/2011
The Spanish TV station "V Televisin" Grupo Voz is using encoder and decoder products from Teracue IPTV Systems.

The products are being used for live TV contribution and for the connection of the different broadcast sites. With the ENC-200 encoders and DEC-200 decoders it is possible to send and to transmit video/audio signals in H.264 format over an IP connection.
Tags: H.264 Encoder | H.264 Decoder | Live-TV-Streaming | Teracue | V Television | Hardware Encoder | Hardware Decoder | Encoder | Decoder | IPTV
Submitted by Teracue eyevis GmbH
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