Crafty Apes Delivers Incredible Subtle VFX for Hidden Figures with Help from Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya Posted: 06/04/2017

Hidden Figures recounts the story of three female African-American mathematicians who played an integral role John Glenns launch into space and return. Captured on 35mm film, the movie is largely live action, but features nuanced CG throughout. Crafty Apes delivered 328 VFX shots for the film, working out of its Atlanta facility, with Founder Chris LeDoux at the helm, Mark LeDoux overseeing local artists and Tim LeDoux guiding the final look out of the studios LA facility. Together, a 20-person team created CG elements reminiscent of 1960s Russian and NASA space programs; period era technology; and capsules, rockets, launch pads and the like, in addition to a host of VFX and environment work for CG shots, from bolts to Earth. 

Tags: Autodesk | Crafty Apes | Hidden Figures | VFX | CG | 3ds Max | Maya
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