Man Made Music Upgrades Its Surround Monitoring With PMC Posted: 21/11/2019
Man Made Music Upgrades Its Surround Monitoring With PMC

Man Made Music, a Manhattan-based company specialising in sound design, sonic branding and music creation, has been working closely with loudspeaker manufacturer PMC to upgrade the stereo and surround monitoring in one of its two control rooms.

The company has installed a PMC IB2S XBD-A active system for both stereo and 5.1 monitoring and is using PMC Wafer2 passive speakers for Left and Right Rear Surround positions. These provide excellent dispersion and frequency response in a small, rectangular footprint, and because they can easily be mounted to any wall they allow for maximum flexibility in all types of custom-install situations.

Established by award-winning composer and producer Joel Beckerman, Man Made Music creates iconic music and sounds for companies such as Nissan, Disney, Citi, Alzheimer’s Association and HBO. Beckerman’s belief that sound matters was a key reason why the company chose PMC when it decided to upgrade its main Studio A control room.

“The PMCs are hands-down the most true and transparent monitors I've mixed with,” says Beckerman. “They're also so incredibly inspiring to track with, which just makes the music better all-around."

Chief Technician Darren Moore adds: “We do IMAX, immersive and other advanced audio formats, so we were looking for an upgrade to add to the speaker allotment in our main studio. PMC are leading the way for the new Dolby Atmos format and were already outfitting major facilities and schools with Dolby Atmos systems.”

The addition of PMC monitors is providing better full-room coverage and additional reference monitors for mixing in-studio. This, in turn, is allowing clients, guests and larger groups ato enjoy the full surround experience.

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PMC Brings High Quality Monitoring To Innovation in Music Conference Posted: 12/11/2019
PMC Brings High Quality Monitoring To Innovation in Music Conference

PMC Speakers is delighted to announce its support for the Innovation in Music conference, this year hosted by University of West London. It is an international bi-annual event that brings together researchers and professionals interested in the future of the music industry.

The event’s main playback system will utilise a pair of PMC IB2S XBD-A monitors, which will deliver high quality stereo sound. For a special session presenting an ambisonic guitar system, the monitoring will be extended using eight PMC result6 compact nearfield monitors, which are renowned for their high resolution and detail, accurate and extended bass, consistent tonal balance at all levels and wide dispersion and sweet spot.

“This is the third time PMC has supplied monitoring for our Innovation in Music conference and we are really pleased to have their ongoing support,” says Justin Paterson, Professor of Music production and chair of the event. “This conference is all about defining the cutting edge and future of music technology, performance and business, so having access to high grade, top-level monitoring is key to its success.”

This year’s conference takes place at the University in Ealing, London, and runs from December 5-7. Legendary producer, Trevor Horn, the man behind The Buggles and the chart topping 1979 hit Video Killed The Radio Star is one of the keynote speakers, while others include futurist performer and songwriter Bruce Woolley and interdisciplinary artist and entrepreneur Matan Berkowitz, whose award-winning musical inventions have been displayed at museums, galleries, events and stages worldwide.

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PMC Monitoring For Private Studio Posted: 17/10/2018
Top French Film Composer Nathaniel M and eacute;chaly Chooses PMC Monitoring For His Private Studio
French composer Nathaniel Méchaly has installed a pair of PMC IB2S XBD-A monitors in his private studio in Paris, citing the precision and openness of their sound as the main reasons for choosing this system.
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