Media Links JPEG-XS Compression Solution for Bandwidth-Constrained, Low Latency Applications Posted: 09/03/2020
Media Links Showcases JPEG-XS Compression Solution for Bandwidth-Constrained, Low Latency Applications at NAB 2020

Media Links®, manufacturer and pioneer in Media over IP transport technology, announces that its MDP3020 IP Media Gateway now includes support for JPEG-XS compression.

JPEG-XS (extra speed extra small) achieves high quality compression ratios of up to 10:1 and beyond. This makes it ideal for the edge of the IP network where bandwidth is typically quite limited and where the transport of uncompressed high quality video is just not feasible. JPEG-XS ISO/IEC 21122) provides visually lossless quality with sub-millisecond (<1 video frame) delay and is especially designed for latency-critical applications such as live remote event production over wide area networks.

As with all of Media Links’ technology, solutions and professional services, the company offers broadcasters and network providers an agile IP migration path. This ensures that facilities have the benefits that include support for all existing and future formats and standards, overall cost reduction, as well as the ability to launch seamless workflows that support their current and evolving IP networks.

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