Ikegami Announces Product Lineup for CABSAT 2020

Date: 18/02/2020
Ikegami Announces Product Lineup for CABSAT 2020

Ikegami representatives head to the Dubai World Trade Centre in March for CABSAT 2020, the largest broadcast media show in the Middle East region. The exhibition together with its supporting conference and workshop will be held from March 31st through April 2nd. Highlights of the Ikegami exhibit on stand C4-20 will be the UHL-43 compact HDR camera which was shown in prototype at CABSAT 2019 and is now fully deliverable, the UHK-430 system camera with IP interface and the HQLM-3125X master grade video monitor.

Ikegami UHL-43 compact 4K HDR camera

The Ikegami UHL-43 is a compact HDR camera designed for applications such as robotic studios, outside broadcasting of live events, parliamentary television, point-of-view image capture, weather coverage, traffic surveillance and public security monitoring.

The UHL-43 employs three 2/3-inch 4K-native 8.3 megapixel CMOS sensors in the same workflow and remote control structure as Ikegami's Unicam XE series UHK-430 and UHK-435 cameras. Unlike cameras using a single chip or pixel-offset technology, the integration of three 3840 x 2160 resolution CMOS sensors and prism optics provides true UHD capture resolution, high quality colour reproduction and complete freedom from colour aliasing. Measuring only 145 x 155 x 169 mm WDH and weighing just 2.6 kg, the camera head can be used on practically any support device such as a shoulder harness, long-reach arm or overhead mount.

Combining high sensitivity (F11 in 4K 50p) and very high signal-to-noise ratio (typically 62 dB), the UHL-43 can be deployed even in conditions of low illumination. Fully supporting HDR, it delivers detailed picture quality across the full range of brightness levels from deep black to peak white while also capturing wide colour gamut. HLG mode is included, conforming to the ITU-R BT.2100 international standard for HDR. Custom gamma curves can also be set and stored within the camera, allowing the implementation of any desired curve.

The UHL-43 is available as an HD-HDR model which can be upgraded via a retrospective software update to deliver 4K-UHD. Output options supporting 12G-SDI or 4 x 3G-SDI over coaxial cable or 12G-SDI over optical fibre are available. An RJ45 Ethernet connection enables remote camera operation via network hubs with low latency for use in remotely controlled studio production.

Control functions are accessible at the camera head or via a choice of remote control panels from Ikegami’s OCP-series. The integral Ethernet interface allows easy control from practically any distance, making the camera ideal for remotely supervised outside broadcasting.

Ikegami UHK-430 4K studio camera with optional Media-over-IP Gateway Module

Ikegami's UHK-430 is a 4K-native studio camera system with simultaneous HDR/SDR processing. Its three 2/3 inch CMOS sensors provide full 3840 x 2160 UHD resolution plus the depth of field needed for studio and outdoor production. The camera is equipped with a B4 bayonet mount compatible with 2/3 inch UHD and HD lenses. An optional SE-U430 expander accommodates large studio or OB lenses.

Designed to slot directly into the UHK-430's CCU-430 control unit, Ikegami's 4K Media-over-IP gateway module allows 4K UHD video and additional signals such as intercom, return-video feeds to be exchanged between the CCU-430 and a local IP network hub. It enables easy and low latency signal distribution via a light weight optical fibre instead of requiring multiple SDI cables.

Uncompressed video can be transmitted via an integral optical interface using either one 25 GbE or two 10 GbE SFP modules. Redundancy can be implemented easily to ensure reliability by installing additional SFP modules. The MoIP interface module can be combined with an HD output option to deliver 2160p, 1080p and 1080i over IP and/or SDI simultaneously. Many broadcast systems currently use a mix of SDI and MoIP. For easy workflow transition, 2 x 12G SDI is therefore included as a standard.

Additional features of the UHK-430 include the newly-developed Ikegami AXII processor which allows 40 gigabit/s uncompressed full bandwidth video transmission. This processor enables the UHK-430 to deliver a wide range of features power-efficiently, including 16-axis colour correction and focus-assist for 4K and HD video modes. BT.2020 extended colour space specification is supported during 4K and HD operation. In its standard form, the UHK-430 weighs just 4.5 kg and comes with a 2 inch viewfinder and portable lens. Camera head dimensions are 149 mm wide x 243 mm high x 340 mm front-to-back.

HQLM-3125X master grade video monitor

Ikegami's recently introduced HQLM-3125X is a 31 inch 4K-UHD master-grade monitor with 4,096 × 2,160 pixel 10-bit resolution and high brightness (1,000 candela per square metre). Fully compliant with BT.2020 wide colour gamut, the monitor is designed for critical image evaluation in broadcast production control environments. It employs a double-LCD-layer panel delivering a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio with true black reproduction. A layer of light-modulating cells allows pixel-by-pixel control of backlight intensity, reducing light leakage and black float while reaching a black-level of 0.001 cd/m². Standard features include two 12G/3G/HD-SDI inputs and outputs, three 3G/HD-SDI inputs and outputs plus an HDMI input. The HQLM-3125X can thus accommodate a total of three simultaneous UHD feeds.

Viewing angle for critical image evaluation is a wide 178 degrees (horizontal/vertical). 1D and 3D LUTs are supported. The HQLM-3125X can be controlled remotely via Ethernet, RS-485 or locally from the front panel.

About Ikegami

Ikegami (www.ikegami.de) is a leading supplier of high quality professional broadcast equipment. The Ikegami name is recognised globally for state-of-the-art television cameras, medical cameras and CCTV equipment. World-class CMOS imagery, 4K and 8K technology, multi-format flexibility and unparalleled customer support define the Ikegami experience for users in broadcast, sports venues, mobile production, houses of worship, education, corporate and many more applications.


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AJA Video Systems has announced Ki Pro Ultra 12G, a new single-channel 4K/UltraHD recorder and player or four-channel HD recorder, featuring 12G-SDI connectivity with a host of unique and powerful features. Ki Pro Ultra 12G offers single-channel 4K/UltraHD up to 50/60p recording and playback to and from Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR, with flexible connectivity options including 12G-SDI, HDMI v2.0 and optional Fiber input and outputs. Alternatively Ki Pro Ultra 12G provides up to four channels of simultaneous HD recording up to 1080 50/60p with independent ProRes profiles per channel. Ki Pro Ultra 12G is available today through AJA’s worldwide network for $3,995 US MSRP. For more information, visit: www.aja.com/products/ki-pro-ultra-12g.

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Deja Soft releases Deja Edit Version 3 Posted: 28/05/2020
Deja Soft releases Deja Edit Version 3

DejaSoft has launched Version 3 of its media file synchronising tool DejaEdit.

DejaEdit is an essential application for productions enabling Avid editors to work together from any location. It ensures media and bins are copied securely in the background, between each remote editing station or Nexus / EditShare storage system.

Version 3 enhances editors' user experience, provides improved workflow management, efficiency, and additional reliable security features. These new developments are crucial toolsets that support producers and post supervisors in simplifying complex media file sharing activities across the entire production process.

Highlights in DejaEdit 3 include the option for users to use their own S3 account for Cloud media storage; upgraded “Private and Public” bin sharing abilities; sophisticated “Folder Support”; “Notifications”; partial media downloads to each editor; License key safeguards; and the brand new DejaEdit Manager feature.

DejaEdit uses an intuitive “email” style interface, presented within the Avid environment, where bins and metadata can be shared with other users by simply dropping it into the Outbox, ToSet or ToVFX folders. Version 3 now allows editors to add subfolders to these pre-set folders to further organise shared media assets. A new notification system now alerts editors to available content and location. 









Tags: DejaEdit | DejaSoft | Avid | Bins | Folders | Security | Workflows | productions | remote | collaboration | editors | editing | post-production
Submitted by DejaSoft
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LTN Global launches LTN Wave: an IP-based alternative to satellite distribution Posted: 28/05/2020
LTN Global launches LTN Wave: an IP-based alternative to satellite distribution


LTN Global, the industry leader in transformative media technology and video transport network solutions has today announced the launch of LTN Wave, a terrestrial IP-based distribution solution designed as an alternative to satellite distribution. LTN Wave brings together LTN’s transport, monitoring and control solutions to enable broadcast quality multicast distribution over IP.

LTN Wave provides customers with access to the benefits of IP distribution while still maintaining existing satellite-driven workflows. This enables a seamlessly integrated combination of workflows to maximize revenue-generating potential for content. Whether replacing satellite completely or implementing backhaul or secondary paths in a hybrid distribution approach, channel owners and content networks can leverage the power of LTN’s state-of-the-art IP-based video workflow solutions to reliably and efficiently transport their content from sources to destinations over the fully-managed and highly-secure LTN Network.

Tags: LTN Global
Submitted by Platform Communications
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Cinegy announces TURBOCUT - Making Editing with Adobe Premiere Faster than Ever Posted: 28/05/2020
Cinegy announces TURBOCUT - Making Editing with Adobe Premiere Faster than Ever

Cinegy today announced TURBOCUT, a new Adobe CC plug-in which significantly accelerates the editing of H.264/HEVC by utilising the NVIDIA GPU’s hardware decoder. This announcement coincides with Adobe releasing version 14.2 of Adobe Premiere with several new features added, but still missing NVIDIA hardware accelerated editing and using the NVIDIA GPU for decoding H.264 and HEVC.

As Jan Weigner, CEO Cinegy GmbH explained, “For many years, tens of thousands of users have been using the Daniel2 Plug-in for Adobe CC, which already offered the NVIDIA accelerated export of H.264 and HEVC. So when we accelerated the editing and import features, it was obvious that the original product name didn’t match the main goal of the plug-in with the Daniel2 video codec technology. TURBOCUT enables faster editing and production with better video quality and it’s also much easier to remember than Daniel2 Plugin for Adobe CC!

Tags: Cinegy | TURBOCUT | Adobe CC Plugin | H.264/HEVC | NVIDIA hardware | NVIDIA GPU | Daniel 2 | editing | video codec | 8K
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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The Switch launches cloud-based TV Production-as-a-Service to deliver industry and rsquo;s most flexible and comprehensive live production platform Posted: 28/05/2020
The Switch launches cloud-based TV Production-as-a-Service to deliver industry and rsquo;s most flexible and comprehensive live production platform

The Switch, the platform for the production and global delivery of live video, has launched MIMiC, an on-demand cloud-based production-as-a-service offering that gives broadcasters, streaming services, rights holders and enterprises access to remote production capabilities for live and virtual events of all sizes. Content producers can now leverage The Switch’s unique combination of agile cloud production capability and global network reach to cost-effectively meet increasing demand for efficient and flexible broadcast quality production and for social media engagement for any live event. 

Tags: broadcasting | production | cloud | ondemand
Submitted by Staff
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Interactive YouTube Game Show Quizuna Relies on ATEM Mini Pro for Live Streaming Posted: 28/05/2020
Interactive YouTube Game Show Quizuna Relies on ATEM Mini Pro for Live Streaming

ATEM Mini Pro is being used to power the recently premiered interactive talk and quiz show, “Quizuna.” The show, which is the first of its kind on YouTube in Japan, is hosted by Japanese Hollywood actress Ikumi Yoshimatsu and airs several times a week on her YouTube channel, “Ikumi’s Voice.”

Tags: Blackmagic | Blackmagic Design | ATEM Mini Pro | Live Streaming | YouTube | Game Show
Submitted by Blackmagic design
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Lightstorm Entertainment Advances Production Techniques Using Blackmagic Design Posted: 28/05/2020
Lightstorm Entertainment Advances Production Techniques Using Blackmagic Design

Lightstorm Entertainment used an extensive array of Blackmagic products, including the Teranex AV, Smart VideoHub 40x40 12G, ATEM 4 M/E Broadcast Studio 4K and more for their recent work during production for the “Avatar” sequels.

Tags: Blackmagic Design | Blackmagic | Avatar | James Cameron | 3D | Teranex AV | ATEM Switcher | ATEM 4 M/E Broadcast Studio 4K
Submitted by Blackmagic design
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Mediacorp Singapores Upcoming Classmates Shot and Posted by Echo Entertainment Using URSA Mini Pro and DaVinci Resolve Posted: 28/05/2020
Mediacorp Singapores Upcoming Classmates Shot and Posted by Echo Entertainment Using URSA Mini Pro and DaVinci Resolve

Blackmagic Design today announced that Singapore based Echo Entertainment used URSA Mini Pro G2 cameras shooting in Blackmagic RAW to capture the first season of Mediacorp Singapore’s upcoming TV dramedy “Classmates.” Echo Entertainment also used DaVinci Resolve Studio for color correction and VFX work, with the DaVinci Resolve Fairlight page used for audio editing.

Echo Entertainment, established in 2010, is a Singapore based motion picture company that handles television dramas of all genres, corporate videos, commercials and other multi camera productions. They provide all aspects of production and post production, from storyboarding to shooting and post production.

Tags: Blackmagic Design | Blackmagic | Fairlight | DaVinci Resolve | URSA Mini Pro | Filmmaking | Post Production
Submitted by Blackmagic design
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Leader Adds MaxFALL CLL HDR Metadata Error Logging to ZEN Series Test Instruments Posted: 28/05/2020
Leader Adds MaxFALL CLL HDR Metadata Error Logging to ZEN Series Test Instruments

Leader Electronics announces the addition of MaxFALL and MaxCLL HDR metadata error logging tools for production studios, postproduction suites and media laboratories working with SMPTE ST.2086 metadata to grade high dynamic range video. This new feature complements the recently launched SER31 Colorimetry Zone Display ‘real-time’ false-colour display plug-in module. It is fully compatible with Leader ZEN series broadcast test and measurement instruments which comprise the LV5300, LV5350 and LV5600 waveform monitors plus the LV7300 and LV7600 rasterizers.
With this enhancement, Leader ZEN series instruments allow operators to ensure that the MaxFALL and MaxCLL HDR metadata accurately reflect the content of their productions by specifying limits for MaxFALL and MaxCLL values. The integral Cinelite Advanced light meter can be used to locate out-of-range pixels and confirm their values both on the picture display and on the waveform monitor.

MaxCLL defines the maximum light level, in nits, of any single pixel within an encoded HDR video stream or file.

MaxFALL Metadata - Maximum Frame Average Light Level – defines the maximum average light level, in nits, for any single frame within an encoded HDR video stream or file.

Tags: Leader Instruments | video test equipment | audio test equipment | video waveform monitors | 12G waveform monitors | 12G video analyzers | IP video analysers | video noise meters | HDR test equipment | true-hybrid test equipment | Hi-Vision test equipment | surround
Submitted by Stylus Media Communications
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EditShare and Adobe Collaborate to Enable Remote Production and Group Editing Workflows Posted: 27/05/2020
EditShare and Adobe Collaborate to Enable Remote Production and Group Editing Workflows

Updated Flow Panel for Premiere Pro, and EFS support for project-locking in Premiere Pro’s Productions, bring outstanding remote editing and collaboration workflows to Adobe users - on premise, in a hybrid environment or in the cloud




Tags: EditShare | Adobe
Submitted by Zazil Media Group
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DPA Unveils 4097 Micro Shotgun Microphone and Interview Kit Posted: 27/05/2020
DPA Unveils 4097 Micro Shotgun Microphone and Interview Kit

DPA Microphones introduces the latest addition to its microphone lineup, the 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Microphone. Featuring the same sonic qualities as the brand’s supercardioid Choir Microphone, the 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun has been optimized to pick up speech from a distance. Incorporated into the company’s new 4097 CORE Interview Kit,the michas been designed for use with a lightweight boom and windjammer. This kit is particularly useful for journalists in today’s socially distanced world as it allows users to conduct interviews from up to two meters (6.5 feet) away. It is a plug and play solution that allows users to get started quickly and employ their existing workflows.


Tags: DPA Microphones | 4097 CORE | interview kit
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KitchenFish Counts on FOR-A Video Switcher for Reliable Coverage of Daily Lottery Broadcast Posted: 27/05/2020
KitchenFish Counts on FOR-A Video Switcher and nbsp;for Reliable Coverage of Daily Lottery Broadcast and nbsp;

KitchenFish LLC, the video production company responsible for the nightly broadcast coverage of the South Carolina Education Lottery, is using a new FOR-A HVS-390HS video switcher for its productions. Located a few blocks from the state capitol, the KitchenFish studio hosts the nightly lottery drawings, and also supports live shots of state and local officials for national news outlets. The switcher was installed on April 14 and used for that evening’s production.

“We need to show all these graphics and video inserts simultaneously, and the new FORA switcher gives us a lot of flexibility,” said Jim Simmons, chief engineer for KitchenFish. “Price made a difference, but reliability is the one thing that has to be foremost, because we don’t have a second chance.


Tags: FOR-A | live production | video production | video switcher | production switcher | HD
Submitted by Pipeline Communications
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RTV Slovenia Expands Partnership with Dalet to Transform End-to-End News Workflows for Radio and TV with Dalet Galaxy five Posted: 27/05/2020
RTV Slovenia Expands Partnership with Dalet to Transform End-to-End News Workflows for Radio and TV with Dalet Galaxy five

Dalet, a leading provider of solutions and services for broadcasters and content professionals, today announced that RTV Slovenia will migrate its entire news operations to Dalet Galaxy five. A Dalet radio customer for more than 25 years, Slovenia’s national broadcaster is expanding its partnership with Dalet to include its television news operation. The powerful Dalet Galaxy five platform will serve as the underlying editorial and orchestration solution that manages the broadcaster’s entire news production and distribution workflow for radio and television across the production hub located in Ljubljana and throughout their regional locations in Koper and Maribor. Dalet Galaxy five will also enable RTV’s entire radio production needs. The resulting solution, which was commissioned in collaboration with Dalet Business Partner AVC, will offer a converged environment that standardizes tools and streamlines the entire news operation. The new arrangement will significantly enhance news production efficiencies across all viewing and listening platforms.


Tags: Dalet
Submitted by Zazil Media Group
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Crystal Vision has released its most feature-packed colour corrector and legaliser to date. The M-COCO-2 is Crystal Vision's first dual channel colour corrector, helping broadcasters save money by being 24% cheaper per channel than the company's alternative product. The M-COCO-2's ability to work with IP, with SDI or with both IP and SDI at the same time makes it the industry's first colour corrector to offer IP connectivity (supporting both SMPTE ST 2022 and ST 2110 video), while its extensive features also make it a good solution for hybrid systems as well as fully SDI installations. 

Tags: Crystal Vision | M-COCO-2 | IP colour corrector | SDI colour corrector
Submitted by Crystal Vision Ltd.
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The media4Kconnect now also in an uncompressed version Posted: 27/05/2020
The media4Kconnect and ndash; now also in an uncompressed version

Also new at kvm-tec is the media4Kconnect uncompressed:The perfect video transmission allows a delay-free transmission of the signals. Even extreme bit patterns are transmitted true to the original with an ultrahigh resolution 4096x2160@60Hz with 4:4:4@8bit per color, and is working in Switching Systems up to 2000 endpoints

media4Kconnect is available in different versions. As stand alone 4K Extender, uncompressed or redundant. With the unique kvm-tec modular system the media4Kconnect Extender with the ultraslim housing is unbeatable in price and performance as well as in the possible fields of application.


Tags: kvmtec | media4kconnect | kvmtec4future | kvmoverip
Submitted by kvm-tec.com
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