Gnosos adopts Quicklink TX to contribute in live TV interviews Posted: 10/07/2017
Gnosos, an organisation expressing stakeholder opinion in Syria and the Middle East, has used the Quicklink TX to create audio/video contributions for TV interviews.
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Wazee Digital Builds Content Portal for Viewers of the Acclaimed Charlie Rose Program Posted: 27/09/2016
Wazee Digital, a leading provider of cloud-based video management and licensing services, today announced the launch of a new viewer-facing content portal for the "Charlie Rose" television series, an interview show distributed nationally by PBS since 1993. The new site coincides with the show's 25th anniversary and is driven by Wazee Digital Core, the company's enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform built specifically for the cloud.
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The new Hague Twin Shoulder Support is an alternative support to a tripod when steady shots are required. It may not always be convenient to use a tripod, as there may not be enough time to set one up or you may be constantly moving to a new position. This is when the Twin Shoulder Support is essential. It's ideal for weddings, interviews, corporate work, etc. 
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