AJA Gear Greases the Wheels at Janta TV Posted: 16/08/2019
AJA Gear Greases the Wheels at Janta TV

New Delhi-based 24/7 news channel Janta TV keeps Hindu-speaking audiences apprised of the latest current events via a satellite feed on networks likes Tatasky, Hathway and DEN. The channel has also recently up leveled its social streaming strategy, growing its subscriber base across YouTube and Facebook Live to a collective 100K subscribers (and counting). To help keep pace with the demands of its growing audience, Janta TV recently moved into a new, larger studio. Simultaneously it overhauled its technology infrastructure, selecting a host of gear from AJA, including KUMO routers, Ki Pro recording/playback devices, streaming tools, FS frame syncs, openGear converter cards and Mini-Converters.

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