J:COM chooses Ericsson for next-gen TV Posted: 12/09/2017

Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) has been chosen by Jupiter Telecommunications (J:COM), Japans largest cable system operator, to power its next generation TV service.

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NHK Cosmomedia Europe selects Paywizard Agile to provide holistic subscriber management for JSTV-i OTT platform Posted: 07/09/2017

Paywizard, the subscription, billing and customer relationship management (CRM) specialist, has today announced that NHK Cosmomedia Europe (NCME), an affiliated company with Japanese national broadcaster, NHK, has selected the Paywizard Agile platform to provide an end-to-end subscription, CRM and billing solution for JSTV-i, NCMEs flagship OTT service and currently the only Japanese language TV service in Europe.

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RCS Teams with Perform Group on DAZN Redesign Posted: 03/04/2017

As part of its ongoing engagement with Perform Group, Reality Check Systems (RCS) recently completed a head-to-toe graphics redesign for DAZN, Perform Groups live and video on-demand sports streaming service, available in Japan, Germany Austria and Switzerland (DACH). RCS designed and built all new visuals to enhance the viewer experience, in addition to delivering improved data integration, production infrastructure advancements and more. The new look recently debuted alongside the launch of DAZNs J.League soccer programming. 

Tags: Reality Check Systems | RCS | DAZN | Perform Group | Japanese Soccer | Live Streaming | Data-driven graphics
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AIMS Welcomes New Members Grupo Globo and Fuyoh Video Posted: 17/01/2017
The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) today announced that two more companies have joined the AIMS effort. Brazil's Grupo Globo has signed on as a full member, while Japan's Fuyoh Video Industry Co. has signed on as an associate member.
Tags: AIMS | new members | Grupo Globo | Fuyoh Video | Japan | Fuyoh Video Industry Co. | programming | territory | commercial TV | Alliance for IP Media Solutions
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AIMS Introduces Japan Subgroup Posted: 18/11/2016
The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) today announced the launch of a Japan subgroup focused on conducting AIMS marketing activities in Japan. The subgroup will work to spread awareness of AIMS messages and objectives in a way that's tailored to the Japanese market. To that end, the AIMS Japan subgroup will participate in Inter BEE 2016 taking place this week in Tokyo.
Tags: AIMS | Japan | Inter BEE 2016 | vendors | customers | Alliance for IP Media Solutions | conducting | marketing | Advantech | AJA Video Systems | Avid Technology | Harmonic | Ikegami | Imagine Communications | intoPIX | Lawo | Matrox | NEC | Panasonic | Riedel Communications
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Japans Express Co, Ltd Builds 4K-Capable OB Van With Riedel Communications MediorNet Compact Posted: 18/11/2016
In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Express Co, Ltd in Japan has installed a Riedel Communications MediorNet Compact real-time media network -- the 1,500th MediorNet Compact frame deployed worldwide -- along with an Artist digital matrix intercom system and Performer partyline system in the company's first 4K production truck. Express Co, Ltd adopted Riedel signal distribution and communications technology for this new OB van, which will equip the company to address rising demand for 4K production and broadcast.
Tags: Japan | Express Co Ltd | 4K Capable | OB Van | Riedel Communications | MediorNet Compact | network | Artist digital matrix | communications | video |  broadcast
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NHK Media Technology Creates 8K Media Player HyperCUBE Using HyperDeck Studio 12G Posted: 29/06/2016

Blackmagic Design has announced that Japans NHK Media Technology created an 8K60p video media player, "HyperCUBE MHP-8000, using four Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio 12G. 

NHK Media Technology is an affiliate of Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), specializing in broadcasting technology as well as programming and sales. The organization has built a strong capacity in developing non-broadcast technology, including broadcast design and operations.

Tags: Blackmagic | Blackmagic Design | HyperDeck Studio 12G | HyperDeck | Japan Broadcasting Corporation
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Bridge Technologies Expands and Raises the Standard for Digital Video and Media Monitoring Posted: 18/05/2016

At Broadcast Asia 2016, Bridge Technologies will be represented by Magna Systems & Engineering in booth 5C2-01

Tags: BroadcastAsia | VB256 | Monitoring | Japan | Standard | IP | BroadcastAsia 2016 | BroadcastAsia 2016
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World Surf League Japan Streams Surfings Dream Tour Using ATEM 1 M E Production Studio 4K Posted: 09/12/2015
Blackmagic Design today announced that the World Surf League Japan (WSL Japan) uses a Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K live production switcher, along with a number of other Blackmagic products, for the streaming and distribution of its surfing tournament worldwide.
Tags: ATEM | Blackmagic Design | Blackmagic | Surf | Surfing | World Surf League | Japan | ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K
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New Tiffen Steadicam M-1 looms large in Japan Posted: 30/09/2015
TOHO Studios, the legendary Tokyo production house responsible for the original Godzilla and its current remake, as well as Seven Samurai, directed by Akira Kurosawa, has purchased the new Tiffen Steadicam M-1 camera stabiliser for all its current and future feature projects.
Tags: Tiffen | Steadicam | M-1 | Japan | Godzilla | TOHO Studios | Movie Production | Cinematography | gimbal | stabiliser | Tiffen International | Steadicam M-1 camera stabiliser | Kosuke Yamada | Garrett Brown | Steadicam Operators Association | Fawcett Exovest | ISO-Elastic G70X arm | Gin-ichi Corp | NHK | Robin Thwaites
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Vidcheck Adds Automated Correction of PSE Flashing to Vidfixer Auto QC and amp; Correction Software Posted: 10/09/2014
Vidcheck, a specialist supplier of software for automated QC and correction of video and audio media files, has announced that its Vidfixer product now includes automated correction of PSE flashing in file based video.
All television content intended for broadcast in the UK and Japan is legally required to comply with specifications related to preventing photosensitive epilepsy (PSE), a type of epilepsy in which seizures are provoked by flashing or flickering images. In the UK the Government's Office of Communications (OfCOM) requires that all video is tested for potentially harmful flashing images before it is broadcast. If it fails the PSE tests it must be corrected, or include an accompanying warning that it contains flashing images. Transmitting video that fails the PSE requirements without issuing the requisite warning can incur serious penalties. Similar legislation applies to material before broadcast in Japan, and the international ITU recommendations are contained ITU-R BT.1702.
Tags: Vidcheck | PSE | Vidfixer | QC | Audio | UK | Japan | IBC. IBC 2014 | IBC 2014 | IBC 2014
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Presteigne Broadcast Hire Supports Nippon TV in Sochi Posted: 18/02/2014

Leading broadcast rental specialist, Presteigne Broadcast Hire has supported broadcasters from around the world as they send coverage back from the current sporting events in Sochi, Russia. These include Japans Nippon Television Network (NTV).

Tags: Sochi | Presteigne Charter | Presteigne Broadcast Hire | Nippon | NTV | XDCAM | Olympics | Yujin Suzuki | Russia | Japan | Mike Ransome
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Clear-Com Enhances the Communications Capabilities of BAN-BAN TVs On-Location Productions Posted: 23/05/2012

Clear-Com®, a global leader in critical voice communication systems, is helping the Japanese cable TV operator, BAN-BAN TV, bring production communications to the next level. As part of an update to its OB van, the operator has installed a Clear-Com Eclipse-PiCo digital matrix intercom along with V-series control panels, enabling high-quality, full-duplex communications with increased channel count and customizable communication groups to improve its production workflow.

Tags: Clear-Com | HME | BAN-BAN TV | Japan | OB van | intercom | Eclipse-PiCo digital matrix | V-series control panels | MTC
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NHK WORLD TV Launches in New York City Posted: 20/04/2012

NHK WORLD TV  a stand-alone 24-hour English language TV news channel produced by NHK, Japans sole public, independent broadcasting corporation, is now available for the first time to over seven million TV viewers in the New York City region, who will be able to tune into Japan and Asian news coverage all day and night.

Tags: Japan | NHK. NHK WORLD TV | NYC | New York | broadcast | WRNN | RNN. Time Warner Cable | TV | television. news
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Network Electronics Japan Joins Bridge Technologies Business Partner Network Posted: 10/04/2012
Network Electronics Japan has joined Bridge Technologies' business partner network to offer resale, support, and training for the entire Bridge Technologies product line in Japan. 
The Tokyo-based company has established a strong presence in the country's broadcast and telecommunications market, with a customer base that includes major Japanese broadcasters, telcos, and government agencies.
Tags: Bridge Technologies | Network Electronics | Japan
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