How JetStream Accelerated File Transfer Helps Remote Teams Posted: 17/03/2020
How JetStream Accelerated File Transfer Helps Remote Teams

Remote working has grown by 173% since 2005. This rate will only increase as more companies instruct employees to work from home to slow the spread of COVID-19. During times of self-isolation, technology allows organisations to adapt working arrangements and remain productive at the same time. The speed at which teams share large files impacts how effectively they can work together.


File Transfer Acceleration

As companies enact work from home policies in an effort to keep their employees healthy, they may be challenged to maintain productivity. JetStream uses UDP file transfer acceleration protocol. Team members can collaborate faster wherever they are.


Transfer Once for Fast File Transfers

JetStream enables point-to-point transfers. Files are sent directly from the source to the destination and never at rest in a middle holding area, keeping data safer.


Scale Users As Needed

JetStream provides unlimited user connections at no additional cost. As a result, organisations can scale users as needed, especially when more and more workers are staying home.


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