We are hiring Posted: 25/01/2017

As the leading broadcast technology distribution company, Holdan is experiencing rapid growth throughout Europe. To satisfy the increase in demand, we require an experienced Account Manager to join our export team.

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Submitted by Holdan
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SMPTE Reveals Finalists for the Vista Project Student Filmmaking Competition Posted: 21/12/2016
TimePlay Inc., a leader in the interactive second screen industry, and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers(R) (SMPTE(R)), the organization whose standards work has supported a century of technological advances in entertainment technology, today announced the selection of three student filmmaker finalists in the Vista Project, a new big-screen interactive storytelling competition for students.
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Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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NOAs JobDB 4.0 Adds Comprehensive Video Ingest Capabilities for Legacy Content Posted: 18/08/2014

NOA Audio Solutions (IBC 8.D91) will launch JobDB 4.0 at IBC 2014. The new version includes video ingest capabilities for the first time, allowing JobDB users to benefit from the video functionality available in NOAs FrameLector, MediaButler Video and the  VideoFileAnalyser, without having to crossgrade to the full MediArc system.

The upgrade to JobDB also means that service providers or archives with existing third-party MAM systems can now use JobDB system as a cost-effective way to migrate large video archives.

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Submitted by XPresso Communications
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Austrian Mediathek Upgrades NOA Audio Tools for Even More Efficient and Powerful Digitization and Archiving Posted: 22/01/2013
NOA Audio Solutions, provider of functional and effective media archiving systems, today announced that Austrian digitization and archiving organization Austrian Mediathek (MT) has upgraded to the next version of actLINE(TM) and jobDB(TM) digitization and archiving tools to enrich its workflow and allow for an even greater ability to digitize and archive audiovisual materials. Vienna-based MT uses digitization services in-house and also provides them to other institutions, such as the National Library of Austria, the Donau Unversity of Krems, and the international Atomic Energy Agency. 
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Submitted by Dundee Hills Group
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NOA Releases New Version of its Pure Workflow Tool jobDB(TM) Posted: 31/01/2012

NOA Audio Solutions, provider of the world's most functional and effective audio archiving systems, today announced jobDB(TM) 3.0, an upgrade to its jobDB workflow creation tool for ingesting, reshaping, and analyzing media during archiving, retranscoding, or other complex business processes. The upgrade gives users of NOA's ingestLINE(TM) and actLINE(TM) platforms greater flexibility in setting up individual workflows, as well as full support of nearly all actLINE modules. The result is reduced cost of workflow setup and execution, and improved workflow quality.

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Submitted by Dundee Hills Group
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