Quantum at KOBA 2017 Posted: 05/05/2017
Quantum at KOBA 2017
Quantum is proud to introduce StorNext 6, a major new release of the company's acclaimed workflow storage platform that showcases the company's continued leadership in workflow-optimized storage. Quantum also will highlight its award-winning Xcellis workflow storage solutions, recently enhanced with lab-validated 4K reference architectures for facilities of all sizes, and including all-flash storage configurations that maximize performance for high-quality 4K streams including uncompressed formats. In addition, Quantum will feature new shared-archive workflow architectures that enable distributed teams to collaborate worldwide through digital content libraries. Together, these enhancements give users greater control over storage performance across the entire facility, enable exceptional efficiency and productivity for 4K workflows, facilitate seamless access to content for geographically distributed creative teams, and simplify use across operating systems. 
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