AJA Announces $1000 Price Drop for Ki Pro Ultra 4K UltraHD File-Based Recorder and Player Bringing Cost Down to $2995 Posted: 10/04/2017

AJA Video Systems today announced a $1000 price drop for Ki Pro Ultra, the companys file-based 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD recorder and player, bringing the US MSRP down to $2995. AJA also announced $100 price reductions for the KiStor Dock and Pak Dock respectively, bringing the cost of the Thunderbolt¢ and USB docks for Pak and KiStor media down to $295 US MSRP each.

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Short and Spikey Takes AJA Ki Pro Rack on Tour with The Cure Posted: 14/05/2013
Video company Short & Spikey specializes in the video engineering production of live stage shows for high profile musical acts. Over the last twelve years, Short & Spikey Founder Jason Harvey has worked with Lady Gaga, Cher, Madonna, Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney, Christina Aguilera and Van Halen to name just a few, both as a freelancer and as a contractor for PRG Nocturne, a major producer of live stage shows. For his latest gig, Harvey was contracted to be the video recording engineer for a South American tour by legendary British band The Cure. Highlights filmed during live performances in eight cities are being pieced together to create a documentary style home entertainment release.
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