Studio Technologies Model 205 Announcer Console Enhances LA Lakers Broadcasts Posted: 24/10/2019
Studio Technologies and rsquo; Model 205 Announcer and rsquo;s Console Enhances  LA Lakers Broadcasts

Freelance Engineer Michael Dooley has worked on hundreds of remote broadcasts for various radio stations over the last 30 years. In 2004, he began running broadcasts for LA Lakers games, which are aired on the team’s flagship station ESPN LA 710 as well as 16 stations in Fresno, San Diego, Las Vegas, and elsewhere. To ensure that he continues to produce high-quality broadcasts for one of the country’s most popular sports teams, Dooley relies on the Dante®-enabled Model 205 Announcers Console from Studio Technologies, manufacturer of professional audio, video and fiber-optic solutions.


Dooley’s key challenge was finding a more permanent solution to his cough box setup. His previous analog designs included several different cough box, mic switch, and headphone amp combinations that didn’t require a wall wart at each position. While he had tried several products over the years, there wasn’t a solution that suited his broadcast needs, as well as his space constraints.


“After I saw that Studio Technologies had created very compact, highly functional announcer boxes with Dante capability, I decided to convert my Lakers broadcast gear to digital,” said Dooley. “Some sports allow the broadcast teams to spread out in their own broadcast booth, but not basketball. I have five broadcast positions squeezed into one-and-a-half eight-foot tables. Everyone has about two-feet of space at the broadcast table. With laptops, stats monitors, and paperwork, it gets crowded. Also, the recently added tally output function to the microphone control jack now allows me to not only turn the mics on and off with a remote switch, but it also enables me to see which microphones are on or off. This is very convenient when an announce position is on the other side of the broadcast table.”


The small footprint of the Model 205, along with all its advanced audio capabilities, made it the perfect console for Dooley. The unit offers a unique combination of analog and digital audio resources housed in a compact, rugged steel enclosure intended for table-top use. Along with excellent audio quality and a user-friendly design, the Model 205 supports Dante Audio-over-Ethernet connectivity and AES67 compatibility for integration into contemporary applications.


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