South Africas LINC Church: Live streaming on lockdown Posted: 09/04/2020
South Africas LINC Church: Live streaming on lockdown

Like many countries, South Africa's response to the COVID-19 pandemic saw a national lockdown and the suspension of large social gatherings - including any places of worship.

LINC Church, based in Salt Rock, would generally see an average weekly congregation of around 1,000 people. However, with that now not being possible, the Church made a swift decision to take everything online.

Video has become an invaluable part of LINC's worship on campus, and the Church wanted to continue offering good quality content in a style and format that felt familiar. The aim was also to ensure attendees could access live messages and sermons from pastors.

"Total lockdown came at midnight on the 26th March, but we did get a couple of days notice," begins Simon Wilkes, media director. "We gathered a group of people at the church and used the time to record as much content as we could - both preaching and worship."

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