A major concern for travellers with the new restrictions on what tech they can take on certain flights is on how protected and safe their devices will be when stored in the hold. The new travel rules mean that laptops, iPads, consoles, cameras, e-readers, gaming and camera electronic equipment larger than 16cm x 9.3cm x 1.5cm will have to be placed in the hold of the plane and not allowed to be carried in hand baggage.

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Travelling with your Tech Posted: 28/03/2017
Travelling with your Tech
Protecting valuable tablets and laptops from the rigours of air travel has never been easier with the Peli range of hardback and Air cases, designed to meet the needs of business and creative professionals.
There are eleven models in this range to protect laptops and tablets. From the Peli 1055 which holds tablets up to 7 to the Peli 1095 for 15 laptops, each case offers crush resistance and watertight protection. The cases also feature an automatic pressure equalisation valve to prevent vacuum lock; they are easy to open at any altitude. The hard cases can be carried in soft luggage to provide enhanced protection for your tech during travel.

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Peli Cases in Pole Position Posted: 21/03/2014
Peli Cases in Pole Position

Peli cases were chosen for the a five week, 200km gruelling attempt by wounded soldiers to walk to the South Pole.

Alexis Giradet explained "On my most recent polar expedition, filming Walking with The Wounded's South Pole Allied Challenge for ITV and NBC, working in the unrelenting cold and brutal conditions of Antarctica tested both people and kit to the limit. With no back up or outside support, it was essential that we protected the fragile filming kit, there was no room for error. In the extreme conditions of -40°

For over 20 years Peli UK have sent Peli cases to far flung places across the world, safely protecting vital equipment against extreme conditions.  For more details go to

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The Perfect Storm Case Posted: 24/06/2013
The Perfect Storm Case

The new Peli Storm im2435 case is a rugged, wheeled travel case which has a top loading design giving immediate and easy access to the contents. 

This case has all the great features of the Peli Storm series;  strong press and pull latches, an o-ring seal and an automatic pressure equalisation valve.    Produced in Black, the im2435 case is available with or without foam or with office-style dividers to protect your laptop and paperwork.

The im2435 is waterproof and crushproof, has a 26 litre capacity and is sized as carry-on cabin baggage for many airlines (check with your airline for current allowances). 

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New Peli 1560 Laptop Overnight Case Posted: 14/02/2012
New Peli 1560 Laptop Overnight Case


Following the success of the smaller version (1510), Peli launch a new 1560 Laptop Overnight Case.  This practical and stylish laptop trolley case has the outstanding reputation for equipment protection associated with Peli cases. 

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