Utah Scientific Highlights New Technology in the NAB IP Showcase Posted: 21/04/2017
Utah Scientific will be showing the latest developments in its UTAH 400 Series IP product line at the NAB IP Showcase, booth N4824, sponsored by AIMS, SMPTE, VSF, AMWA, AES, MNA, EBU, and IABM highlighting the new SMPTE 2110 and SMPTE 2022-6/7 standards.
Tags: Utah Scientific | technology | 2017 NAB Show | NAB IP Showcase | SMPTE 2110 Codec | SMPTE 2022-7 | Gateway | AIMS | VSF | AMWA | AES | MNA | EBU | IABM | standards | NAB 2017 | NAB 2017
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SMPTE Resources and Events at the 2017 NAB Show Posted: 10/03/2017
2017 NAB Show's "The Future of Cinema Conference: The Intersection of Technology, Art, & Commerce in Cinema," Produced in Partnership with SMPTE
Tags: 2017 NAB Show | The Future of Cinema Conference The Intersection of Technology Art & Commerce in Cinema | SMPTE | AES | AIMS | IABM | MNA | Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers | HPA | NAB 2017 | NAB 2017
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ARG Quarra Switches Selected for Media Networking Alliance Interop Demos Posted: 01/02/2017

ARG, designer and manufacturer of quality secure network tools and critical data transmission switches for the audio market, has announced its Quarra PTP Smart Switches have been selected for the Media Networking Alliance (MNA) series of forthcoming interop demos to be held at ISE in Amsterdam in February plus NAB, INFOCOM, IBC and AES in New York later this year.  ARGs technology will interconnect equipment from more than 12 other vendors using four Audio-over-IP protocols: RAVENNA, Dante, Livewire+ and QSC.

Tags: ARG | Quarra | MNA | ISE | Interop | Audio IP | ISE 2017 | ISE 2017
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Digigram to Showcase AES67 and RAVENNA Leadership With Demos at MNA and ALC NetworX NAB Show Booths Posted: 15/04/2016
Digigram, developer of innovative audio and video solutions, today announced that the company will have a presence in partner booths at the 2016 NAB Show to demonstrate how its unrivalled expertise in digital and IP technologies -- along with its early involvement in the development of norms and standards including EBU ACIP, AES67, and RAVENNA -- allow it to provide audio-over-IP solutions that address users' specific challenges and requirements. At the Media Networking Alliance (MNA) booth (N625), Digigram will showcase its innovative IP codecs, highlighting its IQOYA *CALL remote-broadcasting AoIP codec. At the ALC NetworX booth (N1822), the company will feature new IP-audio networking sound cards, such as the AES67-compatible LX-IP PCIe(R) card, for broadcast and AV installations.
Tags: Digigram | AES67 | RAVENNA Leadership | Demos | MNA ALC networx NAB Show | NAB 2016 | NAB 2016
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Enhanced Vault Track at Artistic Gymnastics World Championships Posted: 19/11/2009

SIS LIVE chooses Camera Corps' enhanced Vault Track at Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2009

SIS LIVE, Europe's largest OB facility and satellite uplink supplier, chose Camera Corps' Vault Track motorised camera support system to capture the vaulting events at this year's Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in London. Held at the 02 arena, October 13-18, the event attracted contestants from 73 countries.

"Camera Corps introduced the latest version of its Vault Track which allows the camera to travel alongside the gymnasts during their approach and to capture the actual vault in close-up," comments Camera Corps' Design Engineer Mitchel Randall. "The new version combines higher control resolution than its predecessor together with ultra-quiet operation. The redesigned Vault Track also incorporates an underslung camera support and control mechanism so that only the camera itself is visible above the track. We installed a 30 metre length of track on an 800 mm high support parallel to the 25 metre approach and 5 metre vaulting section. A new drive mechanism in the camera head provides 90 degrees of vertical adjustment in camera angle at horizontal tracking speeds of up to 10 metres per second with full control of acceleration and deceleration. The camera deployed at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships was a 1080i Hitachi DK-H32 with a Fuji 4 x 7.5 HD zoom lens."

Tags: sis live | camera corps | gymnastics | ob | tracking
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