2wcom 4audio MPX solutions follow the needs of flexibility in distribution Posted: 03/03/2020
2wcom and rsquo;s 4audio MPX solutions follow the needs of flexibility in distribution

The new MPX solution offers numerous system design options due to its modular concept. To just distributing the MPX signal, the IP-4c codec is sufficient. For signal generating or manipulating the product of choice is one of the 4audio MPX series equipped with the respective software modules such as RDS encoder, stereo generator or MPX codec. To connect the studio and the MPX link, all devices provide inputs for analog audio, AES/EBU and Audio over IP.

Besides signal assembling that includes audio, pilot and RDS it is also possible to count on bandwidth economy, forward the RDS data separately and add it at the transmitter site. Or, broadcasters can choose an algorithm for high compression.

At the transmitter, it is possible to just decode the MPX signal and feed the transmitter or to manipulate it. For example, splitting the MPX signal to substitute the RDS data with regionalized RDS information. Or, if the received signal only includes audio and pilot to add the local RDS data.

MPX distribution via satellite offers advantages like source redundancy, cost efficiency and increases coverage mainly in regions still lacking broadband IP. This is possible by MPE encapsulation of the signal at the studio and an optional satellite tuner that is available for 2wcom’s receiving units.

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