Dock10 synchronises virtual production with Hitomi Posted: 19/05/2021
Dock10 synchronises virtual production with Hitomi

Hitomi Broadcast, manufacturer of MatchBox, the industry‚Äôs premier audio video alignment toolbox, has announced that Dock10, the largest studio complex in the UK, has invested in the Hitomi MatchBox system to help the Virtual Studios crew align their audio and video outputs efficiently and deliver high-quality programs without complex line-ups.

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Hitomi for near instant lip-sync alignment of mics and cameras Posted: 11/03/2020
Hitomi to host live demos showcasing their capabilities for near instant lip-sync alignment of mics and cameras at NAB.

Hitomi Broadcast, manufacturer of MatchBox, the industry’s leading audio video alignment toolbox, and the new MatchBox Glass app for near instant lip-sync alignment of mics and cameras, are leading solutions for live broadcast.

MatchBox is already used by broadcasters worldwide to ensure the timing of live sports, news and events and now, when teamed with the use of the free iOS App, Matchbox Glass, it enables quick and reliable camera line-up into truck, remote production facility or in newsgathering applications. To use, an iPhone or iPad is simply held up in shot running the Glass App. This allows the MatchBox analyser to instantly verify camera and mic timing alignment. Glass reduces a time consuming and error-prone process to a matter of seconds.

The MatchBox Analyser tool is typically situated in a master control room, studio or OB vehicle. It looks and listens for the specific Hitomi video and audio signatures produced by the hardware MatchBox Generator or MatchBox Glass App. The measurement performed by the analyser is very fast - just a few seconds - and highly effective, vastly speeding up the process and ultimately helping to eliminate the headaches and frustrations of last-minute lip-sync issues.

Hitomi Broadcast Director Russell Johnson said, “Synchronisation is often one of the last items on a field production checklist and can happen right up to going live or on-air. Often, it can be discovered too late that there are sync issues, which can be costly and, at the very least, embarrassing to resolve at the last second.”

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