Symply 2017 NAB Show Exhibitor Preview Posted: 08/02/2017
Symply 2017 NAB Show Exhibitor Preview
At the 2017 NAB Show, Symply, Inc. will demonstrate a broad range of high-performance digital storage solutions for global media and content creators, from the single editor to an entire facility. Featuring rock-solid engineering and user-friendly software, Symply is changing the way media professionals work and collaborate by supporting 4K content and beyond.
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Cache-A Begins Shipments of Power-Cache High-Performance Archive Server Posted: 08/12/2011
Cache-A Begins Shipments of Power-Cache High-Performance Archive Server

Cache-A Corporation is now shipping its new high-performance Power-Cache Archive Server, which includes Cache-As latest version 2.1 software release with a range of new features.  Power-Cache combines Cache-As noted appliance functionality with a blindingly fast disk array and ultra-fast networking for more expandability and accelerated archive and retrieval transfers.  Power-Cache features a separate SSD drive for its operating system to ensure peak archiving and restore performance and reliability at all times.  It also offers greater flexibility for staging content, making duplicate tape copies and working with Cache-A Library and Expansion units.

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