Mixbus Gets PTP Smart with ARG Posted: 24/11/2016
Mixbus, the creation of ex-BBC sound supervisor Conrad Fletcher, is a large-format sound recording and live broadcast vehicle built to produce audio for even the largest shows with reliability, style and clarity. It broadcasts many high profile events, most recently three Live to Cinema productions from the Garrick Theatre for the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company, aired to more than 41 countries.
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Submitted by Aspen Media Ltd
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Junger Audio and Merging Technologies Merge Technologies Posted: 16/09/2011

Junger Audio and Merging Technologies announced that they have signed a technology partnership that will see Junger Audios groundbreaking LEVEL MAGIC¢ Loudness control solution incorporated into Mergings new The combination of industry proven MXF metadata conformity wrapping, Final Check loudness analysis, Surcode Dolby E® decoding and encoding plug-ins and provides a powerful all-in-one media compliance batch processing wrap tool.

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Submitted by White Noise Public Relations Ltd
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