A Brexit vote Posted: 07/07/2016
A Brexit vote

  It would seem the majority of our countrymen, colleagues, friends and neighbours made a Brexit vote. Each on their own determination of the facts as they saw them presented. Now many I am sure would prefer the chance to do it all again. Sadly this will never happen, the dye is caste and the repercussions will be unsettling for the worlds economy for many years to come.

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Enterprising Hamlet Rewarded Posted: 26/09/2014
Enterprising Hamlet Rewarded

4K, 8K, 12K. Where will it end, maybe in tears when the internet grinds to a halt! Hamlet however had tears of joy as they received their third Best of Show award in two exhibitions this year! The prestigious accolade of Best of Show was awarded to the Hamlet Enterprise. Given to MD Steve Nunney during the exhibition he was extremely pleased for the whole team who had produced this fantastic instrument for QoS stream analysis. The Enterprise sat beside the MicroFlex Mach2, two times Best of Show award winner at NAB2014. Hamlet had four new products in all at IBC, including the Protean Magnum TSG and the DigiTek Junior 1U, rack base band measuring instrument.

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Grass Valley cant get enough from Hamlet Posted: 20/06/2014
Grass Valley cant get enough from Hamlet

In regard to MSC routers from Hamlet, Patrick Koks of Grass Valley Netherlands BV says our engineers particularly like the MSC switchers and confirm they are a mandatory specification for us.

We are very impressed by the response this product line has achieved and users such as Grass Valley only go to confirm it must provide excellent solutions says Steve Nunney, Managing Director of Hamlet.

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MicroFlex for Comux UK Posted: 02/06/2014
MicroFlex for Comux UK
During the last twelve months, Arshad Rasul from Blue Octagon a services provider,  has been working as technical consultant to Comux UK. Comux UK was awarded the licence to provide the broadcast infrastructure and multiplex for delivering Local TV in the United Kingdom by OFCOM (the office of communications). OFCOM is the Independent regulator and competition authority for the communications industries within the United Kingdom.
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Hamlet set New Base Line for Portable T and M equipment Posted: 25/03/2014
Hamlet set New Base Line for Portable T and amp;M equipment
Hamlet re-establishes the base line for portable T&M equipment with the MicroFlex Mach 2. Mach numbers depend on the composition of the surrounding medium, especially pressure. The pressure on end users budgets is well known to Hamlet so they have re-invented the award winning MicroFlex with a new build, reducing cost and offering combination option module sets and a carry case all included at an amazing price.

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