Artel Video Systems Announces Strategic Partnership With Aerdos to Expand Its Multimedia Offering to Government Organizations Posted: 02/12/2016
Artel Video Systems, a world-class provider of innovative IP- and fiber-based media transport solutions supporting global telecommunications, broadcast, government, and related markets, today announced a strategic partnership with Aerdos, a leading provider of privacy technologies and mission-critical multimedia products and services, establishing Aerdos as the primary U.S. government sales channel for Artel's media transport solutions.
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Sound Devices Announces Expanded List of Approved Media Posted: 18/11/2014

Sound Devices, specialists in audio and video products, announces an expanded Approved Media List designed to identify media fully compatible with and meeting the high-quality standards of the Sound Devices and Video Devices mission-critical production recorders. Since a recording is only as good as the medium in which it is stored, identifying and using approved media ensures that the companys products will operate with the utmost reliability in the field.

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