Broadcast RF gets Lost in London Posted: 27/01/2017
Broadcast RF has announced that it supplied the full turnkey wireless solution for the 100 minute comedy, Lost in London, written, directed and starred in by Woody Harrelson, that is the first ever Hollywood movie to be broadcast live to more than 500 cinemas in the USA and one cinema in London.
Tags: Broadcast RF | RF | DomoBroadcast | DTC | Domo HD transmitter | Nineteen Fifteen | Lost in London | Woody Harrelson | movie | live streaming
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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Viacom18 Launches Rishtey Cineplex Movie Channel in the U.S. With Amagi Posted: 24/01/2017
Amagi, the pioneer in cloud-based managed broadcast services, today announced that Viacom18 has launched Rishtey Cineplex in the U.S., using its CLOUDPORT managed services. Rishtey Cineplex is a Hindi movie channel that airs Bollywood movies, along with Hindi-dubbed South Indian movies. The channel is part of a growing bouquet of offerings from the Indian media and entertainment conglomerate Viacom18, a joint-venture between Viacom Inc. and India-based TV18 network.
Tags: Amagi | U.S. | Viacom18 | Rishtey Cineplex Movie Channel | CLOUDPORT | services | scalability | broadcast | popular | global | film | South Indian movies | Hindi-dubbed
Submitted by 202 Communications
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Timecode Systems Launches Integrated Workflow Solution for ARRI Alexa Cameras Posted: 07/09/2016
Timecode Systems Limited today announced its :pulse mini base station product can now be used to enable wireless remote control, metadata editing, and other enhanced workflow functionality for ARRI Alexa cameras, via the MovieSlate® 8.5 iOS app. By allowing a seamless exchange of data between the three products, this integration gives film crews complete control over metadata management and camera controls remotely, from a screen on their iPad or iPhone. 
Tags: Timecode Systems | Workflow Solution | ARRI Alexa Camera | Virtuaql Reality | Movie Slate 8.5 | iOS 8 | iOS9 | iOS10 | pulse | IBC 2016 | IBC 2016
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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SMPTE at the 2016 NAB Show Posted: 15/03/2016

The 2016 NAB Show's "The Future of Cinema Conference: The Immortal Movie," produced in partnership with SMPTE, will explore how content creators and storytellers combine artistry with motion-imaging technology to thrive today  and into the future. At the SMPTE booth, the Society will highlight significant advances in standards development, promote its upcoming educational conferences, and expand on details about its centennial celebration. The Society continues to encourage and support student engagement in the motion-imaging field through scholarships, membership programs, and events. SMPTE board members and directors will again engage with students at the Society's annual networking social, which drew 100 participants to the SMPTE booth in 2015. 

Tags: SMPTE | 2016 NAB Show | Booth L28 | Future of Cinema Conference: the Immortal Movie | Membership | NAB 2016 | NAB 2016
Submitted by Dundee Hills Group
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KFX Technology debuts high end motorised slider with Ronford Baker at BSC Expo 2016 Posted: 21/01/2016

KFX Technology will launch their new high end motorised slider at the BSC Expo 2016 on the Ronford Baker stand, #209.

KFX Technology was chosen by Ronford Baker to collaborate on motorising their well known sliders after impressing them with the high quality engineering of the KFX Aurora Remote Head. The Aurora head is precision engineered, easy and intuitive to use, with more than enough power for the most demanding applications, and already has an established success and reputation in the movie industry worldwide.

Tags: KFX | KFX Technology | Ronford Baker | BSC Expo | Aurora remote head | slider | motorised slider | Steve Scammell | remote head | movie industry | Hollywood
Submitted by Steve Scammell, KFX Technology, New York, USA
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New Tiffen Steadicam M-1 looms large in Japan Posted: 30/09/2015
TOHO Studios, the legendary Tokyo production house responsible for the original Godzilla and its current remake, as well as Seven Samurai, directed by Akira Kurosawa, has purchased the new Tiffen Steadicam M-1 camera stabiliser for all its current and future feature projects.
Tags: Tiffen | Steadicam | M-1 | Japan | Godzilla | TOHO Studios | Movie Production | Cinematography | gimbal | stabiliser | Tiffen International | Steadicam M-1 camera stabiliser | Kosuke Yamada | Garrett Brown | Steadicam Operators Association | Fawcett Exovest | ISO-Elastic G70X arm | Gin-ichi Corp | NHK | Robin Thwaites
Submitted by Stylus Media Consultants
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AJA Io 4K Supports 4K Playback for Gone Girl VFX Review Posted: 13/10/2014

AJA Video Systems' Io 4K device for professional video and audio I/O was used to facilitate 4K playback for VFX review on director David Finchers Gone Girl, from 20th Century Fox and New Regency. Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl stars Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, and Tyler Perry and was released by 20th Century Fox on October 3rd. 

Tags: AJA | AJA Video Systems | Io 4K | 4K | 6K | Gone Girl | Film | Movie | Movies | Playback | Review | VFX | Visual Effects | Production | Post | Post Production | Workflow | Data
Submitted by AJA
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NeuMovie Selects Comigo to Power its UltraViolet Retailer Device NeuMovie Connect Posted: 11/09/2014

Comigo today announced that NeuMovie(TM), an innovative new UltraViolet digital video retailer, selected Comigo's multiscreen platform to power NeuMovie Connect(TM), its video streaming and download service device. Utilizing Comigo's platform, which includes flexible, cloud-based backend and client-based solutions, NeuMovie can offer a personalized, social, and interactive viewing experience to customers anytime, anywhere, on every screen. 

Tags: Comigo | NeuMovie | IBC 2014 | IBC 2014
Submitted by 202 Communications
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Timecode Buddy launches new timecode and metadata hub Posted: 04/09/2014

This autumn, Timecode Systems is releasing the ultimate production and camera accessory a single box solution to streamlining production workflows. It's their most advanced, feature-packed and future-proof piece of long range RF and WiFi enabled timecode and metadata technology yet and its all set to be unveiled for the first time at IBC 2014 in Amsterdam from 12-16 September.

Tags: Timecode Systems | Timecode Buddy | :pulse | pulse | IBC 2014 | IBC2014 | Symbiosis | metadata hub | timecode hub | production workflows | RF | WiFi | wifi master | genlock | zero drift | rf transceiver | MovieSlate | Adobe LiveLogger | 3D | Ethernet | LANC | Arri Alexa | IBC 2014
Submitted by Laura Johnson, PR & Marketing Director for Timecode Systems Limited
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Forbidden Integrates Timecode Buddy Into Forscene Platform Via MovieSlate iOS App Posted: 28/08/2014
Forbidden Technologies plc (AIM: FBT), the AIM-quoted owner and developer of the market-leading cloud video platform Forscene, today announced that it has integrated Forscene with Timecode Systems Limited's Timecode Buddy via the MovieSlate iOS application. MovieSlate is the industry standard for production slates and the Timecode Buddy system lets users reliably and easily generate, sync, and share accurate timecodes and metadata wirelessly over RF or Wi-Fi networks. The integration brings the three technologies together to allow people to insert metadata notes and media into a logging and editing system.
Tags: Forbidden Technologies | Timecode Systems | Timecode Buddy | MovieSlate | Forscene | IBC2014 | IBC 2014 | IBC 2014
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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Video Clarity IBC Product Preview Posted: 08/07/2014

MOVIE for ClearView Video Quality Analyzers

Visitors to Video Clarity's booth at IBC2014 will experience MOVIE (Motion-based Video Integrity Evaluation), a new perceptual test method for the ClearView line of video quality analyzers.  MOVIE is the new gold standard for measuring video quality, a full-reference test delivering results that are closer than ever to human perceptions of video quality. Broadcast operators and manufacturers of consumer electronics and broadcast transmission equipment rely on ClearView analyzers to ensure the best viewing experience, operate more efficiently, meet SLAs, and stay in compliance. ClearView uses several proven test methods to arrive at a measurement of subjective quality that very closely approximates what the average person would see and hear when watching the video. Adding MOVIE to the mix gives users the highest correlation to human subjective quality available in an automated measurement system. 
Tags: Video Clarity | IBC2014 | MOVIE for ClearView video-quality analyzers | IBC 2014 | IBC 2014
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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Digital Sputnik lights up the sky at Cine Gear 2014 Posted: 29/05/2014

Digital Sputnik will light up the sky at Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles with their drone mountable DS LED Light Heli System. In a co-operation with Intuitive Aerial, using their Black Armored Drone, the DS LED Light System offers unparalleled output and flexibility in aerial lighting.  Now a small drone is able to carry a lightweight LED light, output equivalent of 1.5kW HMI. This breakthrough creates a new world of possibilities in creative, mobile and flexible lighting for film and television. The system is controllable over WiFi using an iOS app.

Tags: Digital Sputnik | Kaur Kallas | LED light | drone | Cine Gear | Intuitive Aerial | heli system | aerial lighting | black armoured drone | creative lighting | Mrsik Frames | Kaspar Kallas | innovation | movie lights | broadcast lights | Estonia
Submitted by Stylus Media Consultants
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The Steadicam Division of the Tiffen Company Expands Its Collection of Smoothee Stabilizing Options with New Drift Camera Mount Posted: 27/05/2014

The Steadicam division of The Tiffen Company, a leading manufacturer of award-winning digital imaging accessories, has released a new Steadicam Smoothee mount for Drift action cameras, expanding its collection of stabilizer options for filming enthusiasts and professionals. The Steadicam Smoothee, which is featured in the new Apple Powerful commercial, lets users capture the action using Drift cameras, without the shakes normally associated with hand-held video. The Steadicam Smoothee is helping shape a new generation of filmmakers, comments Steve Tiffen, CEO and President, The Tiffen Company. Cameras like the Drift offer a new level of versatility we once could have never even imagined. Combine that with the Hollywood ingenuity of Steadicam, and you enable a new class of filmmakers to capture their unique visions with clarity and quality. This latest addition to the Smoothee line continues to change the game for whats possible in the world of small-camera filmmaking.

Tags: Tiffen | Steadicam | Smoothee | Stabilizing | Drift Camera Mont | Film | Production | movie | accessorie
Submitted by Zazil Media Group
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Video Clarity Announces MOVIE for ClearView Video Quality Analyzers Posted: 18/03/2014

Video Clarity Inc., provider of market-leading audio and video quality measurement and analysis systems, today announced the release of MOVIE for ClearView, a new perceptual test method for the ClearView line of video quality analyzers. MOVIE (for Motion-based Video Integrity Evaluation) creates a new level of accuracy for measuring video quality because it yields results that are closer than ever to human perceptions of video quality. MOVIE improves accuracy for content originators, broadcast operators, broadcast transmission equipment manufacturers, and consumer electronics manufacturers that use ClearView analyzers to ensure the best viewing experience, operate more efficiently, meet SLAs, and stay in compliance. 

Tags: Video Clarity | ClearView | MOVIE | NAB2014
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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Shotgun Software Keeps Blur Projects on Track Posted: 06/03/2014

Shotgun Software announced that Blur Studio has standardized on Shotgun for production management and tracking. Shotgun is the visual effects, game development and animation industrys trusted platform for production management and review. Blur, known for a diverse roster of work on feature films, commercials and game cinematics and trailers, adopted Shotgun to replace their in-house production management software that was tying up valuable internal development resources.

Tags: Shotgun Software | Shotgun | Blur Studio | Production Management | VFX | Visual Effects | Animation | Film | Movies | Games | Game Development
Submitted by Shotgun Software
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