Aperi virtualized media production technology acquired by Net Insight Posted: 06/03/2020
Aperi and rsquo;s virtualized media production technology  acquired by Net Insight

Aperi, the pioneer of virtualized media production, today announced that its innovative and unique Live IP media virtualization platform and software product portfolio has been acquired by Net Insight AB, a global leader in media networks and resource optimization.

Since its market launch in 2016, world-leading media service providers and media companies have adopted Aperi’s low-latency, software-based media processing platform as part of their live production and transport services workflows. Its pioneering work in the field of native-IP, FPGA-accelerated Media Function Virtualization (MFV-first coined by Aperi) is now widely accepted in the media and broadcasting industry. To fully capitalize on this fast growing market acceptance, Aperi has been looking for a larger home for its product portfolio and team. As a reliable key partner and leader in the industry’s transition towards a continuously improved media experience, Net Insight is the ideal new home.

“The Aperi product line, with its unique low-latency V-Stack hypervisor and open App/microservices store concept, will benefit from Net Insight’s global leadership, 20 plus years' experience in media networking and strong development track record,” says Joop Janssen, CEO of Aperi. “I’m very happy that the original vision of Aperi’s founders – Eugene and Brian Keane – and the engineering team will not only move forward, but further prosper within the larger Net Insight group.”

“By adding the Aperi products to our portfolio, we complement and strengthen our offering. We share the Aperi product vision of an open and virtualized software architecture and are excited to welcome the team of skilled engineers to Net Insight and to continue supporting existing and new Aperi customers,” says Ulrik Rohne, VP Media Networks at Net Insight.

Thousands of Aperi microservers are used each day in the live production and transport of some of the most prestigious sports content, including 4K, around the globe. Aperi’s technology enables service providers, content owners, rights holders and broadcasters to work faster, more efficiently, and at scale for the lowest-cost and most agile remote production. The combination of the true virtualization that it’s able to offer, along with its unique V-Stack media hypervisor-based approach, delivers low-latency media processing for both centralized and de-centralized media networks.

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AIMS Announces Newly Elected Board, Welcomes Net Insights Larissa Gorner Posted: 15/11/2018
AIMS Announces Newly Elected Board, Welcomes Net Insights Larissa G and ouml;rner
 The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) today announced a newly elected 2018-2019 board of directors who will lead the organization's effort toward a standards-based IP infrastructure for professional media. All existing board members — AIMS Board Chair Michael Cronk (Grass Valley), Deputy Board Chair Steve Reynolds (Imagine Communications), Chief Financial Officer Andreas Hilmer (Lawo), and Board Member Andy Warman (Harmonic) — were re-elected to their positions and are joined by newly elected Board Member Larissa Görner (Net Insight).
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Grass Valley, Calrec Audio and Net Insight Take the Stage at NAB to Present The Latest Solutions For At-Home Production Posted: 29/03/2018
Grass Valley, Calrec Audio and Net Insight Take the Stage at NAB to Present The Latest Solutions For At-Home Production
Tasked with producing more live coverage with limited resources, broadcasters are turning to at-home/REMI (remote-integration model) production. At-home production can reduce the movement and help maximize the efficiency and utilization of people and equipment, and reduce on-site set-up times. During the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (BEITC) at this year's 2018 NAB Show, Klaus Weber of Grass Valley, Peter Walker of Calrec Audio and Larissa Görner of Net Insight will join forces to speak about the major challenges with at-home production and how these issues can be solved. The session, titled, "Live At-Home Production 2.0," will take place on April 7th from 1:30PM - 2:50PM (PST) in the North Hall Meeting Room (N260).
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Calrec connects at IBC2017 Posted: 05/09/2017
Calrec connects at IBC2017
Calrec Audio will use IBC2017 as a platform for showcasing real-world solutions that enable users to overcome the challenges of remote live productions. Along with key technology partners and clients, Calrec will demonstrate how the RP1 Remote Production engine, at the heart of an integrated approach, can provide simple connectivity, quality-assured transport, and precise control of audio mixes from any location.
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TeliaSonera International Carrier has today launched its Cross Border Remote HD Production Solution (Remote Production Solution), the companys latest innovative, high quality offering being showcased at IBC 2011 in Amsterdam.

The Remote Production Solution utilises TeliaSoneras award-winning fiber broadcast network the largest in Europe and promises to remove the need for onsite outside broadcast (OB) infrastructure and personnel. International remote production exploits the unlimited bandwidth offered by TeliaSonera and presents a real alternative to satellite, where gaining access to capacity at these levels can be a challenge. In addition, fiber offers the lowest possible latency, enabling true real-time TV production over long distances and across international borders.

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