Primestream New Solutions Posted: 27/02/2020
Primestream New Solutions

Creative Bridge: Easy Access to Your Media
Primestream has launched Creative Bridge, a Mac OS application that allows creative teams to take advantage of full roundtrip workflows between creative tools and Primestream Xchange™, the company's powerful flagship next-generation platform that takes the complexity out of asset management and workflow orchestration. With Creative Bridge, users of tools such as Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Avid’s ProTools can access and register entire folders of media to and from the MAM while adding valuable metadata and maintaining folder structure. Centralization and simplification of media access throughout creative workflows benefits the entire content production chain.

Primestream Watermarking: Secure Content Protection
Primestream Visual Watermarking is a new solution that allows for watermarks to be displayed dynamically based on the active user viewing the video. The watermark includes the name of the user, IP address of the system, and a date and time stamp. Dynamic positioning prevents the use of simple masking to remove the watermark, giving the organization a highly effective tool for protecting its valuable content from unauthorized distribution during production on through to distribution.

Newsroom Framework: Tight Integration Between MAM and Octopus Newsroom
Primestream has launched a native Newsroom Framework with Octopus NRCS integration. The Newsroom Framework is built directly into the Primestream Workflow Server core, allowing for tight integration with newsroom platforms, delivering greater stability, and supporting quick turnaround for the latest features and workflows with newsroom systems. Organizations can use Newsroom Framework not only to reduce their cost of infrastructure, but also to simplify network connectivity between MAM and Octopus Newsroom and reduce points of failure for mission-critical components.

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